Cricket at home – Coaches Challenge 4

Cricket at home – Coaches Challenge 4

Hi all,

Firstly, many thanks for all the results sent through so far for the first 3 challenges you still have until midday tomorrow to be make sure they are included in the latest leaderboard. With the inclement weather at the moment you will be pleased to see that Challenge 4 can be attempted indoors, although you will need to make sure there is a safe space around the area of the activity.

The Coaches Challenge for Thursday is as follows :-

Challenge 4 – Reaction Coin Catch

Equipment: 2 tennis/soft balls, 2 coins (10p or 50p coins) and a stopwatch.

Activity (click here for the demo):

i ) This challenge tests your reactions to the max! Balance 1 coin on top of 1 ball then drop them both & catch the coin as it bounces.
ii) The challenge is split into 2 – Firstly, do this challenge with 1 ball & 1 coin and time how many coin catches you can get in 2 minutes using a stopwatch. The second challenge is using 2 balls with 1 coin on top of each ball and count how many coin catches you can get from 20 ball drops. 1 ball drop is counted when you drop both balls at the same time. If you catch 1 coin from 1 ball drop then you receive 1 point and if you catch both coins then 2 points. Up to 40 points available!

You can have as many go’s as you like at the second challenge, but your score needs to be out of 20 consecutive ball drops.

Coaches Tips:

a) For the first challenge, have your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and both hands ready to catch the coin. If you trust your catching and reactions especially when the coin is going sharply to one direction, catch with one hand. Also, drop the ball with the coin from just below your hips.
b) Maintain your balance by staying on your feet once you have caught the coin. Please do this challenge where there is some space around you just in case.
c) For the second challenge, you will need to drop the balls from around knee height to be more successful so be in a lower position but maintain your balance throughout. Have both hands ready to catch and create a bigger catching area with your hands by spreading out your fingers.

Please email me by 12 noon on Friday 1st May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
b) The amount of coin catches in 2 minutes from the first challenge,
c) The number of points from the second challenge.

Bonus points will be awarded to the individual(s) for the most coin catches from the first challenge and the highest number of points from the second challenge.

I will email the 5th challenge out tomorrow night for Friday. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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