Cricket at home – coaches challenge 2

Cricket at home – coaches challenge 2

Challenge 2 – Bat Taps

Equipment – 1 tennis ball or soft ball & 1 cricket bat ( you can use a tennis racket if you havent got access to a bat )

Activity –

i ) bounce the ball up and down as many times as you can on the bat without the ball hitting the floor
ii) the challenge is to get to 20 continuous taps ( you can do it holding the bat with two hands or one handed ) – if its easy with your good hand try your weaker hand !
iii) an extra skill challenge is to try and hit the front, back and two sides of the bat without the ball hitting the ground – good luck with that !

You can have as many goes as you like.

If you go past 20, keep counting as there are bonus points for the highest scores.

Coaches Tips :

1. Check out this link which demonstrates bat taps

a) Keep the bat flat and its easier if you hit the ball in the middle part of the bat
b) keep moving your feet to get into position rather than stretching to reach the ball

Please email me by 12 noon on weds 29 April the following :-

a) child’s name
b) did they complete the activity ? y/n
c) highest number of continuous bat taps –
d) Extra skill challenge all 4 parts of the bat ? y/n

I will email the 3rd challenge out tomorrow night for Wednesday. Please let me know if you have any queries.


Carl & the coaching team


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