Attenborough Fantasy Cricket

Attenborough Fantasy Cricket

We are delighted to announce that this season we will again be hosting a game of ATTENBOROUGH FANTASY CRICKET. This will be played online via the team at and on our personalised homepage ( you will be able to sign up to select and manage a team from the current crop of Attenborough Cricket Club playing members.

The game will be based on ALL SATURDAY LEAGUE CRICKET for the 2021 season and all the points are taken directly from the play cricket website once the day’s results are uploaded. Please see the site for the scoring etc, but the game is very similar to Fantasy Premier League for anyone that has played that with one free transfer per week and one wildcard (unlimited transfers) per season for when it turns out you got it all wrong!

This competition is open to EVERYONE and it is £10 per side to enter, all payments are taken over the secure website once you sign up. You can enter as many sides as you like, although it is only one allowed per unique email address.

All entry fees will go into the pool for CASH PRIZES and further information will be announced when we know how many entrants we get before the 1st MAY, which is the first Saturday when all 4 sides have fixtures.

By viewing the site you will see the players and their values and there is even a link through to each individual’s play cricket profile for further stats! We have priced players up based on a combination of 2019/20 performance, potential availability (needs bearing in mind!) and the standard of cricket they are most likely to face (Any new signings or players not listed that end up playing Saturday cricket can be added in as we go!).

Don’t forget a 4th team run is as useful as a 1ST team run for FANTASY CRICKET purposes so sign up now and make your decision. With 55 million to spend will you blow the budget on first team pro Savin PERERA. Or have you spotted Jude NOBLE hitting it like a dream in the nets and fancy bagging a bargain??

This will be a great way for the club to unite and take an even keener interest in the individual performances of members of different teams in the club. You can make as many tweaks and changes to your side as you like before the first game so sign up today and get involved!

Any further information then please get in touch with one of us.


Sam Randall & Sam Henson

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