Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 11

Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 11

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and continuing to enjoy the daily challenges being set by the coaches. The Coaches Challenge for Monday is as follows :-

Challenge 11 – One Bounce Wall Challenge

Equipment: 1 tennis ball and a bat.

Activity (click here for the demo):

i ) This challenge will test your reactions, technique and feet movement. Start with a under arm throw onto the wall and then hit the ball after letting it bounce once. The ball needs to bounce once before touching the wall after your hit and then repeat as shown in the demo.
ii) The challenge is to see how many you can get in a row without letting the ball bounce more than once. Also, the ball has to bounce before and after hitting the wall.

Have as many goes as you like.

Coaches Tips:

a) Watch the ball closely and control how much power you are hitting the ball with or you will make it harder for yourself by running all over the place!
b) As seen in the demo, the person aims to hit the ball with the full face of his bat every time so he can roughly control where the ball is going come off the wall next. Remember what you have learnt from the straight drive.
c) Aim to get your feet in the right position as quickly as possible. This will lead to a more controlled shot and will help with the next shot you will need to play.

Please email me by 7pm on Monday 11 May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
b) The number of hits in a row.

Bonus points will be awarded to the individual(s) for the most hits.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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