Cricket at home – leaderboard after Coaches Challenge 2

Cricket at home – leaderboard after Coaches Challenge 2

Hi all,

Firstly many thanks for getting the results through for the first two challenges, I hope that everyone had some fun taking part the scoring again across the board was very impressive ! I have awarded some bonus points to the top scores in the hardball and kwik groups along with anyone who achieived the 2nd part of the challenge . There will be plenty of opportunity to pick up more points on the forthcoming activities and you will have the chance to beat your scores for Challenge 1 & 2 this weekend which will result in more bonus points being available.

Its not too late if you haven’t had chance to take part in first two challenges, simple email me your childs score and I will add them onto the leaderboard.

Cricket at Home – Leaderboard after 2 Challenges

Cooper Hall 26
George Burn 26
Jack Preston 26
James Goodlass 24
Joshua Kite 24
Oliver McMillan 24
Oscar McNarry 24
Samuel Wignell 24
William Green 24
Alexander Jones 22
Harry Cater 22
Mason Smith 22
Matthew Watson 22
Oscar Taylor-Smith 22
Sanjay Anand 22
Barnaby Adams 20
Darcey Adams 20
Harry Preston 20
Lucy Wignell 20
Matilda Smith 20
Morgan Beer 20
Oscar Emerson 20
William Lawrence 20
Daniel Green 12
Arthur Berryman 10
Henry Berryman 10
James Sinclair 10
Joe Hasan 10
Joshua Wood 10
Nihal Singh 10
Rishikesh Alurkar 10
Thomas Fox 10

I will send out an further update to the leaderboard tomorrow after I get the scores through for challenge 3.

Many thanks & stay safe

Carl & the coaching team.

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