Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 24

Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 24

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is continuing to have fun attempting the daily challenges being set by the coaches. The Coaches Challenge for Friday is as follows :-

Challenge 24 – Run them out

Equipment: 1 tennis/soft ball, a wicket ( set of stumps or target ) & 3 markers ( cones ) – see demo for set up.

Activity demo: ( the demo starts at 44 secs into the video and is the pairs activity )

i ) This challenge is a throwing activity whereby the fielder tries to run the batsman out with an overarm throw. This is a pairs activity so will require a family member to be the batsman ( if you have two children doing the activity they could simply swap after 5 goes ). Please check the demo as it clearly shows where the markers need to be set along with the wicket and ball. This challenge starts by the batsman calling yes and running to the marker and back to try and complete 2 runs. As soon as the batsman calls yes the fielder will run around the cone and pick the ball up and attempt to hit the stumps with an overall throw before the batsman gets back to complete two runs. The challenge is how many times the fielder runs out the batsman out of 10.

Coaches Tips:

a) Get into a low balanced position to pick the ball up
b) aim for the base of the stump so it doesn’t bounce over
c) the demo shows a good position to be in

Please email me by 7pm on Friday 29 May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
b) The number of run outs out of 10.

Bonus points will be awarded to the individual(s) with the most run outs

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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