Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 20 – ‘beat the coach quick runs’

Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 20 – ‘beat the coach quick runs’

hi all,

For those who beat the coach with the throwing challenge on Thursday well done ! The final challenge to beat the coach is a quick runs batting challenge. This challenge is an add on to Tuesday’s batting challenge, you will have 6 balls ( 1 over ) to hit the ball straight through two targets 1m apart about 10m away. After you have hit the first ball you then need to run 6 times to the target 10m away and back, after you have hit the second ball you will run 5 times to the target and back. This you will continue on the next balls running 4, 3, 2 & finally one ( altogether you will make 21 runs !). The clock starts after you have hit the first ball and stops when you finish the last run. Each time you get the ball through the target, you can take 5 secs off your final time so 30 secs are up for grabs. However in addition to making the runs you must also fetch the ball in between your shots and also put it on the tee without anyone’s help so you need to be accurate and always aware where the ball is !

Again the coaches only had one attempt at this challenge, you can have 3 goes to beat the coach. I don’t suggest you have any more goes as it quite tiring running 63 if you have 3 goes !

Challenge 20 – Quick runs

Equipment: 1 tennis ball, 1 target ( 2 cones or something similar 1m apart & 10m away ), a batting tee ( cone / toilet roll holder ) & a stopwatch


As above, there is no demo but hopefully it makes sense. I only have 1 coaches time for this so that is the target to beat which is 1m 58 secs following deductions.

Coaches Tips :

1 This challenge is timed so you need to be quick with the runs are also in fetching the ball & tee.
2. You still need to be accurate with your straight drives as 30 secs off you time could make all the difference
3. Although all the batting tips for the straight drive are valid for accuracy you can save so much time by running straight and turning quickly and at the same time stretching your bat out just past the target rather than running all the way to it.

Please email me by 7pm on Friday 22 May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
& one of the following
b) my best time of ??? to complete the challenge is less than 1 min 58 secs & beat the coach in my 3 goes
c) my best time of ??? didnt beat the coach on this occasion

I will send out the results on Saturday morning

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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