Attenborough CC Fantasy Premier League is back!

Attenborough CC Fantasy Premier League is back!

Afternoon all!

Premier League football is back on in a few weeks time with newly promoted Burnley hosting champions Man City on Friday 11th August! This only means one thing!… The Attenborough CC Fantasy Premier League mini-league is now open again!

It will be £10 entry again and if we get enough entries then there will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes, as well as manager of the month and the knockout cup!

Also, I will create an exclusive WhatsApp group for all entrants so you won’t ever miss out on gameweek transfer deadlines and any other Fantasy Premier League related news 🙂

If you are interested then please drop me a DM to sort payment and I will get you signed up. Once the 10er has been paid then I will share the league code with you.

The deadline to join this league will be Thursday 10th August 18:30. This is so I can announce the prize structure before the official Fantasy Premier League deadline of Friday 11th August 18:30!



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