Quiz Answers!

Quiz Answers!

Evening all,

Thank you to the ones who entered!

We have a tiebreaker as Carl Knight and Sam Clulow both scored 17 out of 20!!

Winner to be announced at 8pm!


1) The official birth of Attenborough Cricket Club was YYYY. Which year?


2) What is the club’s Twitter handle?


3) Name all 4 members of the club’s “Spin Quartet”. Need all 4 for a point.

Martin Rayner
Thom Murray
Andrew Simkiss
Arj Sandhu

4) In Shaun Fitzgibbon’s Player Profile, who did he name as his favourite cricketer?

Brendon McCullum

5) Who won the club’s first ever Fantasy Club Cricket League?

Martin Rayner

6) Which Squirrel has recorded the highest league cricket score at The Strand?

Ben Sheppard

7) Name 7 surnames of brothers to play for the club at a senior level. Need 7 correct surnames for a point.


There are more!

8) Which team are the Squirrels playing against in the 2nd oldest video titled “Dom Harvey” on our official YouTube channel?


9) Which international cricketer has recorded a special feat twice?

I was looking for Lasith Malinga’s double hat-tricks but I have accepted a few other good answers as this was an open-ended question.

10) Which Squirrel has recorded bowling figures of 7 for 17 at The Strand?

Mike Evans

11) Who was Shivnarine Chanderpaul on Retro Cricket World Cup night? Remember to follow us Instagram if you haven’t already! Our handle is @attenborough.cc

Angad Singh

12) Who threw the ball into Jos Buttler for the run out to win the 2019 Cricket World Cup in the Super Over?

Jason Roy

13) How many runs in boundaries did Alec McKinlay score in his 196 against Balderton?


14) What is Carl Knight’s favourite fielding position?


15) Which international cricketer who has a nickname of “Badger” visited The Strand a few years ago?

Paul Nixon

16) In the video titled “Andy for the 4s v BATS”, there is Lucas Rhodes and who else fielding on the leg side?

Ben Goodlass

17) Who has recorded the most five wicket hauls for our 2nd XI?

Carl Whelan

18) Who won the Best Performance award in 2016?

Chris Allcoat

19) Who is the official sponsor of the South Notts Cricket League?

Gunn & Moore

20) Who represented the club in Australia, December 2017?

Rod Kitching, Mike Evans and Ian Murray! See photo above 🙂



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