Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Player Profiles #9 - Ben Kitt

Playing role: Fast bowler, who bats a bit.

Batting style: Right hand. 

Bowling style: Right arm fast medium.

Highest score: 111*.

Best bowling figures: 7-75.

Amateur cricketing hero(es): Steve Allcoat. 

Favourite cricketer: Andre Russell.

Favourite ACC moment: Stoney playing mini-golf drunk.

Favourite movie: Johnny English.

Favourite meal: Roast lamb. 

Biggest passion/hobby outside of cricket: Darts/snooker (terrible at both). 

What does Attenborough Cricket Club mean to you: Looking forward to get going with the new set of lads and hopefully smashing up the Prem this year which we can do! 👍🏻

Player Profiles #8 - Carl Knight

Photography by Karen Barker.

Playing role: 4th team vice captain, opening bat & point fielder. Stay positive and encourage the youngsters.

Batting style: Patient (see off the opening bowlers & new ball and punish any poor bowling).

Bowling style: Accurate and underrated.

Highest score
: 120 not out v Thrumpton (on Long Lane).

Best bowling figures: Only bowled 2 overs in 132 4th team matches & one of them was a maiden & included a drop catch at mid on (Joe Gibson).

Amateur cricketing hero(es): Andy Waddle, Sam Conners & Tom Black.

Favourite cricketer: Richard Hadlee, Clive Rice, Mike Proctor & Sachin Tendulkar.

Favourite ACC moment: Playing Lambley with a team of youngsters with very little batting experience and carrying my bat for 45 overs with 9 men down and scoring the the grand total of 29 not out (they described it as a posh net!). We lost by 130 odd.

Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction (what do you expect from someone born in St Anns!).

Favourite meal: Pizza.

Biggest passion/hobby outside of cricket: Junior cricket coaching / Rugby League and park runs (PB 23.04).

What does Attenborough Cricket Club mean to you
: Playing the best game at the best club with the best people. ACC til I die.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Attenborough Fantasy Club Cricket is here!!

We are delighted to announce that this season we will be hosting a game of ATTENBOROUGH FANTASY CRICKET. This will be played online via the team at fantasyclubcricket. com and on our personalised homepage ( you will be able to sign up to select and manage a team from the current crop of Attenborough Cricket Club playing members.

The game will be based on ALL SATURDAY LEAGUE CRICKET for the 2019 season and all the points are taken directly from play cricket once the day’s results are uploaded. Please see the site for the scoring etc, but the game is very similar to fantasypremierleague for anyone that has played that with one free transfer per week and one wildcard (unlimited transfers) per season for when it turns out you got it all wrong!

This competition is open to EVERYONE and it is £10 per side to enter, all payments are taken over the secure website once you sign up. You can enter as many sides as you like, although it is only one allowed per unique email address.

All entry fees will go into the pool for CASH PRIZES and further information will be announced when we know how many entrants we get before the 27TH April when our first and second teams kick of the game with their first matches of the season.

By viewing the site you will see the players and their values and there is even a link through to each individual’s play cricket profile for further stats! We have priced players up based on a combination of 2018 performance, potential availability (needs bearing in mind!) and the standard of cricket they are most likely to face (Any new signings or players not listed that end up playing Saturday cricket can be added in as we go!)

Don’t forget a 4th team run is as useful as a 1ST team run for FANTASY CRICKET purposes so sign up now and make your decision. With 55 million to spend will you blow the budget on first team skipper Steve ALLCOAT? Or have you spotted Lakshay SHARMA hitting it like a dream in the nets and fancy bagging a bargain??  

This will be a great way for the club to unite and take an even keener interest in the individual performances of members of different teams in the club. You can make as many tweaks and changes to your side as you like before the first game so sign up today and get involved!

Any further information then please get in touch with one of us.


Sam Randall & Sam Henson

Player Profiles #7 - Sam Henson

Playing role: 3rd team vice-captain.

Batting style: Leg-side dominant.

Bowling style: Unconventional (see photo).

Highest score: 75 (vs Stapleford 2017).

Best bowling figures: 5/28 (vs Calverton 2017).

Amateur cricketing hero(es): Carl Knight, Matt Shaw, Jacob Prentice, Colin McConnell and Jonny Lindo.

Favourite cricketer: Alex Hales.

Favourite ACC moment: Matt Shaw ‘going big’ at Ruddington in 2018, hitting his first 6 for Attenborough at 22 years of age.

Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption.

Favourite meal: Beef Burrito.

Biggest passion/hobby outside of cricket: Playing and watching Rugby.

What does Attenborough Cricket Club mean to you: Without doubt the best place to play amateur cricket in Nottinghamshire.

Player Profiles #6 - Nick Gibson

Playing role: Sun 2s captain.

Batting style: Style?

Bowling style: Bit of swing on a good day.

Highest score: 32* for Univ of Nottingham Electronic Engineering 1993, can't remember who against.

Best bowling figures: 3-1. Devastating single over spell for 4s vs Collingham 2016.

Amateur cricketing hero(es): All those who give their time in whatever way to inspire and help others improve their technique and grow their love for the game.

Favourite cricketer: Allan Lamb. 

Favourite ACC moment: Watching Joe take 5-26 for Sun 2s at Car Colston when he was 14.

Favourite movie: Probably Schindler's List, even though I couldn't watch it again.

Favourite meal: Pie and chips from Farmshop services, M5 Gloucester.

Biggest passion/hobby outside of cricket: My violin.

What does Attenborough Cricket Club mean to you: Great cricket, great folks!

Cricket Club Structure

As a respected, well organised cricket club is important that we have a 'Structure' that is transparent and gives clarity to how the club is managed both on and off the field - senior and youth, playing and non playing.

Please view our Club Structure chart here. Many of the roles on the chart are covered by members of the Committee, while some of the roles are covered by club members volunteering to carry out specific tasks. To run a successful, developing cricket club takes lots of input from club volunteers. If there are any topics/areas that you would like to help/get involved with, noted on the structure chart please feel free to ask me or any member of our Committee.

We'd be pleased to hear from you!

Thank you.


Friday, 15 March 2019

Player Profiles #5 - Will Shields

Photography by Karen Barker.

Playing role: Motivator and masseuse.

Batting style: Depends on the Friday night.

Bowling style: Right arm mystery spin.

Highest score: 91.

Best bowling figures: 7 for 19.

Amateur cricketing hero(es): Ankle wrists Bateman, Chris Allcoat.

Favourite cricketer: Andrew Flintoff.

Favourite ACC moment: There's been so many... watching umpire Bob Crosby drive through a fence at Hucknall Cricket Club parking up destroying his car, scaring a horse 🐴 and then giving me out lbw when I was never out!

Favourite movie/TV: Peaky Blinders.

Favourite meal: Curry.

Biggest hobby/passion outside of cricket: Watching Rugby.

What does Attenborough Cricket Club mean to you: Friendship, comedy, talent.

The Forty Club is looking for new members

If you are over the age of 18 and want to play quality midweek cricket throughout the season, then why not join The Forty Club - East Midlands district.

Fixtures run from April until September playing at several top cricketing schools including Oakham, Ratcliffe College, Worksop College and Nottingham High School as well as playing in various cricket weeks and friendly fixtures.

The Forty Club is a wandering cricket club originally set up for the over 40’s to take cricket into schools by offering fixtures against experienced cricketers who will encourage the game to be played at the highest standards of performance and behaviour and in the best spirit of the game. Members must be over 18 years of age and must have played a good standard of cricket.

The Forty Club runs the Inter-District cup competition that pitches the best players (35 years and over) from each region against each other for the trophy!

Membership is only £30 and includes a free playing shirt, cap and Forty Club tie supplied by Morrants. 

For more information see website: 

Membership forms can be found here: 

If you have any queries then please contact Ben Sheppard