Player Profiles #28 – Jason Tibbits

Player Profiles #28 – Jason Tibbits

Years played for ACC: 1 Season – 2011

Playing role: Wicket-Keeper/Bat

Batting style: Right Hand Nicker and Nudger

Bowling style: Right Arm Fruit

Highest score: 102*

Best bowling figures: 2 for 1 (Brisbane Premier Grade average of 0.5 thanks very much).

Amateur cricketing hero(es): I used to love watching ‘The Cube’ (Sam Clulow) go about his work; as well as the Ginger Wizard, Craig Heiden.

Favourite cricketer: Matthew Hayden

Favourite ACC moment:

I have a hazy memory of Ben Sheppard taking an absolute hanger one day down at The Strand when the game was on the line. He had no right to catch it, but when it stuck, everyone went nuts.

Close second was an away game (I think the Club was called Ellerslie?), and we were getting a flogging. Someone on the opposition hit a monster six into one of the adjacent houses and we lost the ball. A few hours later, a bloke ran out on the field going berserk because the ball had smashed through his window and then broken his TV. It caused the game to stop for about half an hour while they tried to calm him down. I still chuckle about that one every now and then.

Favourite movie: I can’t go passed Star Wars. Any of the original three.

Favourite meal: T-Bone Steak, Chips, with an ice-cold Bundy.

Biggest passion/hobby outside of cricket: I love to get up to the Sunshine Coast and surf whenever I can. I’m also working on some renovations to my house which I really enjoy doing.

If you were an overseas player, what are you doing now (current profession, still playing cricket?): I’m back in my home town of Brisbane, and very happily married to my wife Rani (who some Attenborough folks might remember). I work for a health tech company, and since having a stint over in Canada in 2017/2018, I haven’t played much cricket! I get the itch for a run around every so often, so maybe there’s a comeback on the cards!

What does ACC mean to you: I’ve got fond memories of the place. Although we battled to win games that season, and I could barely buy a run, it was always good fun with the blokes on the field. The Strand is such a beautiful ground, as a young Aussie, I was stoked to have landed at a quintessential English cricket club. I was fortunate enough to live with the Reeder’s on the end of the street who were, and I’m sure still are, such wonderful people. They, and countless others, looked after me so well. So, to summarise: great memories and great people.

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