Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 19 – ‘beat the coach throwing’

Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 19 – ‘beat the coach throwing’

hi all,

For those who beat the coach with the catching challenge on Wednesday well done that was tough against the clock ! The next challenge to beat the coach is a throwing challenge to hit 3 targets in as few balls as possible. You simply need to hit 3 targets – around 10m away ( a set of stumps first then a football & finally a plastic bottle) you can only move to the next target when you have successful hit the last one. Again the coaches only had one attempt at this challenge, you can have 3 goes to beat the coach. You can have as many goes as you like but if you do it after the third attempt you have beat the coach after more practice ( which is still pretty cool ) !

Challenge 19 – 3 target throwing

Equipment: 1 tennis ball, a set of stumps ( something similar ) a football and a plastic water bottle

Activity (click here for the demo):

As above and watch the demo for some good tips. It most be an overarm throw like in the demo. The worst coach score for this activity is 26 and the best is 10.

Coaches Tips :

1 This challenge is not a timed one so don’t rush!
b) Just like bowling a ball, make sure your head is fixed on the target and you are making the most out of the non throwing arm which will act as a guide.
c) If you can learn this technique as soon as possible then it will really help you in games. This technique will improve your accuracy & speed and this may lead to run outs which will help your team. Also, using another throwing technique may lead to injury so please use this one!

Please email me by 7pm on Thursday 21 May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
& one of the following
b) I hit the 3 targets in 25 or less throws & beat the coach in my 3 goes
c) I hit the 3 targets in 9 or less throws & beat all the coaches in my 3 goes
d) I hit the 3 targets in 25 or less throws in more than 3 goes and beat the coach after more practice
e) I didnt beat the coach on this occasion

I will send out the results on Friday morning

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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