ECB “Clubmark”

ECB “Clubmark”

The ECB “Clubmark” is an accreditation scheme for cricket clubs. Accreditation shows that a club is sustainable, well run and provides the right environment for its members. It also shows a club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, as well as assuring parents and carers that they are choosing the right option for their young people. Accreditation lasts for 3 years at which point the club will complete a re-accreditation exercise. In the intervening 2 years an accredited club has a requirement to complete an annual health check to maintain accreditation. Crucially, “Clubmark” accreditation is mandatory for all Notts Premier League clubs.

I am pleased to announce that Attenborough Cricket Club has been successful in retaining this accreditation. Please click here to view our certificate.


Rod Kitching
Hon Sec

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