Cricket at home – coaches challenge

Cricket at home – coaches challenge

Hi Junior parents,

I hope you and your families are all well. You will be aware that this time of year we would normally be starting our summer programme at Attenborough Cricket Club. As we are still some time away from that happening we wanted to give your son / daughter the chance to play some cricket based activities at home. Over the coming weeks we will introduce a daily coaches challenge with points awarded for achieving the challenge and bonus points for the best performances each day. At weekends there will be more points available for the most improved as there will be a chance to repeat the challenges that week and we will also have some cricket quiz guestions.

We will keep the challenges simple, using very basic equipment, can be done in a limited space and in most cases the players can do them on their own. Hopefully this will help with their cricketing skills and most importantly will be fun !

As a starter I have included a link below to an allstars cricket activity booklet specific for home practice your son and daughter could have a go at this weekend. The daily activities will start from this Monday which I will send out the night before. Although I have sent this email to parents of kwik cricket players and younger hardball players other brothers & sisters are welcome to join in.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Stay safe.


Carl & the coaching team.

Click here for the link to the allstars activity booklet

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