Cricket at home – coaches challenge 1

Cricket at home – coaches challenge 1

Challenge 1 – Continuous Catching

Equipment – 1 tennis ball or soft ball

Activity – Stand about 1m from a wall, throw the ball against the wall and catch 20 times without dropping the ball.

i ) 2 handed catches ( 20 catches )
ii) right hand only catches ( 20 catches )
iii) left hand only catches ( 20 catches )

You can have as many goes as you like.

If you go past 20, keep counting as there are bonus points for the highest scores.

Coaches Tips :

1. Throw the ball underarm at about waist high against the wall, so you can make the catch with your fingers pointing down
2. When you have a go with the right hand only, make sure the ball is thrown so it rebounds off the wall on the right side of your body to make the catch easier. The opposite applies for the left hand catches.

Please email me by 12 noon on Tuesday 28 April the following :-

a) child’s name
b) did they complete the activity ? y/n
c) highest number of continuous catches by
– 2 handed catches –
– right hand catches –
– left hand catches –

I will email the 2nd challenge out tonight for Tuesday. Please let me know if you have any queries.


Carl & the coaching team


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