COVID restrictions

COVID restrictions

With the Covid restrictions being continued into July, we ask all members and visitors to continue to observe the Covid guidelines to help ensure everyone’s safety. Please read the information below and check the website for the full current guidelines at The Strand. These guidelines have been circulated to the NPL, SNCL & all other cricket clubs that are scheduled to play at Attenborough.

Please ensure that you continue to follow the guidelines about maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, signing in and hand sanitising.

The main points for everyone to adhere to are:-

Changing Rooms – Players’ Rooms may only be used by players to store their kit & put on required protective clothing. Only 2 players allowed in at the same time. Players must arrive at the ground changed & ready to play. These rooms cannot not be used for changing, showering or sheltering from bad weather.

Bad weather – in the event of bad weather players & visitors should return to their cars to ensure social distancing, no sheltering in the changing rooms.

Pavilion & Bar – Masks should be worn. There is a maximum “seated only” occupancy of 32 inside & 18 on the veranda. No standing/ordering at the bar. We will continue to use the Butlr App when it is busy & we are able to provide waiter service.

We will not be providing cricket teas until further notice.

If you are able to help us by volunteering for some “shifts” as a waiter on Friday evenings & other match days please contact the Club at

Thank you for your continued help & co-operation in making our club a safe place for cricket this season!!

Kind Regards,

Martin Firbank

Vice Chairman
Attenborough Cricket Club

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