Concussion Protocol Survey

Concussion Protocol Survey

Ladies, Gents

Please see a message from NCCC committee member Ravi Badge, who asks as many players as possible to fill in a concussion survey, linked below.

Please help him in that regard.

Regards, Chris Revill  SEC. NPL

“Many thanks for your support on this project.

As you know we would be the first county to take a lead on this relevant issue in a sport and in particularly in recreational cricket.

This is the link which needs to be sent across to all premier division clubs, umpires, safeguarding officers. This would provided us with the current baseline understanding of concussion in the recreational cricket and therefore allow us to structure the learning modules which we aim to provide once season finishes.

Could we please send this to all stakeholders so we can get at least 250 responses over a period of time.

I am happy to take a call if need further information.

Thanks again Andy, Joe and Nigel 



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