Charity Cricket Bat Raffle!

Charity Cricket Bat Raffle!

We are Jamie-Forever12, a small charity that covers the East Midlands and we provide gifts for children who are seriously or terminally ill. Our registration number is 1186344.

Our next raffle is this beautifully made cricket bat. Please see review below.

It is £7 per number and you can enter by clicking onto the charity PayPal link below.

You can choose your number(s) by visiting the charity’s Facebook page here.

“Weighing roughly 2lb 12oz, with a beautifully light weighted pickup and easy downswing, this cricket bat is a beast. Its raw weight packs a punch, but you wouldn’t know it when you pick it up (it feels like a 2lb 8oz bat)! With some clever duck-bill shaping towards the toe, this bat manages to pack a meaty shot out of its mid-to-low middle without compromising the ease of control of the shot. The lowish middle makes it ideal for driving, yet the higher average distribution of its weight makes it more than at home in the hands of a back-foot player too. Expect to hit boundaries whatever your style.

Kindly donated by Simon Beale of GB Willow Merchants Ltd, and appraised by Guy Gibson- a grower of “Cricket Bat Willow” who has extensively researched the relationship between a cricket bat’s characteristics and the technique of the player- this bat is high grade, seen by industry professionals who know exactly what to look for in a quality blade. With 14 grains, of fair straightness and reasonable consistency, this bat sits between a high grade 2 and a grade 1, with a retail value certainly upwards of £220.”

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