2020 AGM – Postponement

2020 AGM – Postponement

The Committee discussed the staging of the 2020 AGM at a Committee meeting on Wednesday 11th November and being unable to hold the meeting in the pavilion due to Covid restrictions have decided to defer the AGM to Friday 19th February 2021. This meeting will provide the usual platform for discussion, questions from the floor & election of officers.

Rule 6 does of course say that an AGM has to be held once a year before the end of November but in view of the unprecedented nature of the Covid pandemic it has been impossible to implement that rule and the Committee have invoked paragraph 8.3.2 (k) to make this decision which is “reasonably necessary to advance the purposes of the Club”. The Committee is also authorised under paragraph 13 to make, repeal or amend rules and regulations as they think expedient for the management and wellbeing of the Club. The vote was unanimous.

The rules will need amending to allow for this situation happening again in the future and we will be seeking ratification at the AGM in February.

However, in light of the above, the committee still feel it is important to keep members informed about the club & the 2020 season therefore I shall be sending out a “ Mailchimp” communication by 27th November which will include the annual accounts & reports from officers of the club. I shall also endeavour to supply hard copies of these reports to those members who choose not to be on this mailing list.

Rod Kitching

Hon Sec

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