Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 10

Cricket at Home – Coaches Challenge 10

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is continuing to enjoy the daily challenges being set by the coaches. The Coaches Challenge for Friday is as follows :-

Challenge 10 – Catch Clap

Equipment 1 tennis/soft ball

Activity (click here for the demo):

i ) The objective of this challenge is to throw the ball above your head, clap your hands and catch the ball before it bounces. Level 1 is one clap and you move to Level 2 two claps..etc through up to level 10 ten catches ( or as many as you can up to 10). You must catch the ball for it to be successful and it must be the number of claps made and not just counting quickly to get to the next level.
ii) The challenge is split into 2 – Firstly, the challenge is to try and get up to 10 claps and a successful catch, you must do all the other levels 1,2,3 etc before moving to the next level. The second challenge like on the demo is to touch as many body parts and call them out before you catch the ball i.e. heads shoulders, knees & toes would be 4.

You can have as many goes as you like at the challenge.

Coaches Tips:

a) You will need to have a solid base ( move quickly into position and be balanced )
b) Most important keep your eyes on the ball throughout, all the way into your hands.
c) Have your hands together with the biggest target area as possible
d) and finally take the catch at or just below eye level as it is easier and safer than trying to take it above your head

Please email me by 7pm on Friday 8 May with the following: –

a) Child’s name,
b) The number levels reached up to 10 :
c) The number of body parts touched before taking a catch :

Bonus points will be awarded to the individual(s) with the highest score for each challenge.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Many thanks and stay safe.

Carl & the coaching team


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