3rd Team are Champions of SNCL Division G

3s Champions Div G 2019
3s Champagne 2019

3rd Team are Champions of SNCL Division G

Many congratulations to the 3rd team under the captaincy of Chas Simkiss on winning the divisional champion’s title.  In a must-win, very tense and final game of the season, the 3rds beat Chilwell by just 15 runs as darkness began to fall.

Thanks to all those that have contributed towards the team’s performances over the course of a hugely successful season.  The players and officials participating in yesterday’s game are shown above.

Back row: Gordon Brookes (Umpire), Richard Henson, Sam Henson, Alistair Lee, Pete Bateman, Rob Howarth, Martin Firbank, Andy Lee (Scorer)

Front row: Matt Hubbard, James Binnie, Jude Noble, Chas Simkiss, Zain Ali

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