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Ladies / Girls

Girls & Women Softball cricket - 28/03/19 @ 14:24

Hi all,

Calling all mums, sisters, aunties & friends to come and have a go at Attenborough Girls & Womens softball cricket.  The intention is to hold 4 training sessions during May on a Tuesday night as a trial and if we have sufficient interest, we will continue throughout the summer. The first session is scheduled for 7th of May at the Strand from 6.30 - 7.30pm and the bar will be open afterwards. 

At this stage I am looking for an idea of who is interested in playing, if anyone would like to get involved in the coaching and anyone who wants to be involved in the administration and running of the softball cricket. Please email back your preferences.

If you have any queries please let me know and feel free to pass onto family and friends as all is welcome (i.e. all abilities, although girls under 10 years old must be playing at Kwik Cricket level).


07428 222130

Ladies Training 2017

Registration Day Monday 5th June (talk and drinks)

First training session Monday 26th June 06:30-08:00 then every Monday till the beginning of September

Softball Tournament Dates at Attenborough CC:
Sunday 13th August
Sunday 3rd September

Kind Regards
Sue Moore
Ladies Coordinator

Women's Softball Festival

Congratulations to all the girls and ladies who played, even if it was only for a short while, at the Women's Softball Festival held at Attenborough Cricket Club yesterday.

With the weather playing a great part on the day, teams only being able to play either one or two games.  
My thanks go to all the helpers, preparing a lovely lunch for all the players - Marie, Richard, Francesca and Danielle; the festival was organised by Jack Arnold (Trent Bridge) and the community coaches from both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, who umpired and scored on the day.  Thanks also to Mike for preparing the pitches for us.

Our girls / women had a lovely morning and look forward to more matches against all teams participating on the day.


Girls' / Women's Cricket Update - October 2015

I am delighted to say that we have had 6 new players with all but 2, who have participated in our summer training program. We now have a nucleus of 8 players, who have given their time and energy to playing cricket, outside all the other family and work commitments; I know by experience, they all have. Unfortunately out of the 14 players that started this year’s summer training, 3 ladies have decided not to return, due to us moving on to playing “Hard Ball” games, but they are very welcome to come back and participate in our “Soft Ball” events. 3 other ladies will be missed, Jo and Bethan, who started out when we first introduced the ladies section back in April 2014 and Megan who joined us just this summer. These ladies will no longer be able to take part next season as they will be moving to Sheffield, but I wish them all the very best with their new jobs.

I am hoping that everyone at the club will spread the word, to all their girlfriends, wives and partners, that this Club is a fantastic one, with great coaches and a fabulous family environment, which is second to none.

I will be trying in the next few months to get friendly “soft ball” matches against other teams, for those ladies who maybe lack the confidence or who just don’t want to play Hard Ball cricket, but also allows the club to provide for both the ladies who want to play competitively and the ladies who just want to play for fun.

To cap off an exciting season, we had a “Ladies vs Lads” Hard Ball game at the
Strand. Being the ladies first ever Hard Ball match, there was a lot of trepidation amongst them (Can I do it; Are you sure Sue, should we play with a Hard Ball; Am I good enough, where a few emails floating around). But my confidence in the ladies paid off and everyone enjoyed the experience and thanks must go to Carl for organising the lads who played a very important part of this experience.

Continuing on from this season - I have organised our winter nets program, which will be starting on the first Thursday in January 2016 (7th I believe) at Bramcote College. I have also been in communication with a few members of the ladies at Beeston Hockey Club, to help spread the word about ladies cricket at our Club and hopefully this will encourage more ladies to participate. I will also be contacting local football clubs to see if they would like to come along to our summer program as well. Plus I am still running a 6 week program at Ockbrook Independent School (starting in April) and George Spencer Academy (to be advised) to try to recruit members into our club.

Girls' / Women's Cricket Update - June 2015

After winter indoor nets coaching sessions at Bramcote College, I have been helping Trent Bridge with their girls’ Neutral Indoor Cricket Development Programme, coaching U12, U14 and 14+ ladies as part of the Nottinghamshire drive to get girls and women into cricket.

I have also been invited back to George Spencer School to help out with their indoor training over the summer, so I am going to promote Attenborough CC at these sessions.  I am also delivering cricket at a “Taster Day” on Friday 26th June at George Spencer School, which is a great opportunity to promote Attenborough.

With the start of our Girls’ / Women’s summer season, I was beginning to have a déjà vu moment, the first session saw 6 ladies from the winter nets and then the RAIN came down!!!!   At junior registration night I was able to get to talk with all the parents and invite them to come along to our Thursday night sessions.  I was pleased to see last week we had 3 newcomers and each of these ladies are asking others to come along, which is fantastic news for the growth of this section within the Club.  Also I am extremely pleased with everyone’s performance, again each player showed willingness to have a try and with great results.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming season; to help more ladies and girls to enjoy cricket and I am pleased to announce that Attenborough have had their funding bid accepted by Sportivate.  With funding I will promote cricket into schools, tennis clubs and hockey clubs to encourage girls and women into cricket.

My vision from here is to increase the numbers; setup two games before the end of the season against the U13 (hardball) and U15 (softball) and going forward to encourage the ladies to believe in their abilities and enter them into the Nottinghamshire T20 league.  We have also been invited to enter a team into the indoor league (8 a-side) starting in October.

Sue Moore

Girls' / Women's Cricket - Winter Nets

Thank you to everyone who came along to the girls / women's cricket Winter Net sessions.  I was extremely pleased with everyone's commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to have a go at everything I asked them to do.

The introduction of a bowling machine as part of these sessions was extremely exciting and allowed each person to experience facing indoor cricket balls at speeds, which they were not accustomed.  Everyone I had spoken with said that they enjoyed this experience very much and I will continue delivering sessions with the bowling machine as part of their ongoing development when we go outside.

Registration day is on Thursday 23rd April, 2015 at the Club House from 18:30, with the first training session outside on 30th April, 2015 starting at 18:30 for an hour and thereafter at 19:00 (depending on the light).

Coaching Programme for Women and Girls 2015

Please see the poster below for details of coaching sessions available for ladies and girls at Trent Bridge starting in the New Year.

Ladies Winter Nets

The nets at Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3GA have been booked for Thursday evenings at 7.00pm starting on January 8th 2015 and running through to April 2nd.
The cost per hour long session will be just £3.

If you would like further information about nets or any other aspect of Ladies Cricket at Attenborough, please email our Ladies Cricket Co-Ordinator Sue Moore here

Ladies versus Lads - Sunday September 7th
The morning started off bathed in beautiful sunshine, we put the lads into bat first and kept them down to 157 runs off of 16 overs - a very respectable score.

Even though the ladies outwardly showed no signs of nerves but with a maximum of only 8 training sessions over the summer, they made me extremely proud and everyone made a great contribution to the game and they all had a brilliant time.

The ladies managed to score 156 just one short of their target, a creditable score, but come the start of next session I hope to have a rematch and reverse this score line.

We awarded two awards for Best Bowler and Best Batter to each team.

Ladies - 
Best Bowler - Bethan Morgan
Best Batter - Deanne Hewson

Lads -
Best Bowler - Brad Greatorex
Best Batter - Ollie Kneller

I would like to mention the ladies "The Best Bowler" was awarded to Bethan Morgan who had only bowled once before that day, which is a tremendous achievement.

Well done to everyone who played and a big thank you to all the lads who made it a great day.  Thank you to Barry and Martin for umpiring and everyone else who helped out.
Sue Moore 

Ladies Winter Nets

Sue is trying to organise winter nets and would appreciate you voting on your preferred venue and times.  Please click here to link to the poll.

Ladies / Girls Update - August 2014

Following on from the wonderful start to the ladies training sessions, after having 17 players for one of the sessions, though the numbers have dropped off due to school events, family, work commitments and summer holidays the ladies/girls have still been wonderful. I have been able to deliver new techniques for all of them to try, varying in degrees of difficulty - From the pull shot to the cut shot, swipe shot and defensive shots. Even though these are difficult shots to do, all the ladies had ago and everyone succeeded in their attempts. I also reviewed batting and bowling techniques, increased their awareness and ability to make decisions by selecting the correct shot and bowling line.
Again I have been extremely impressed with the level and quality of each player’s skill, willingness to learn, trying out all new techniques, working outside their comfort zone and all the hard work everyone has put into these sessions.

Thank you all and WELL DONE everyone.

The ladies and girls are challenging their sons and brothers (husbands or dads if there are not enough players) to a T20 game on either the first or second Sunday in September (7th or 14th) - Are you up for the challenge lads!

Sue Moore
Disability & Women’s Development Officer

N.B. Can everyone interested in the T20 Challenge - Please indicate by Friday 8 August 2014, which Sunday(s) you are available so I can organise the match and hopefully have a BBQ as well to support the Club.

Ladies / Girls Update - 19th June 2014

Even though the first three sessions had been washed out by the British weather, our first real training session saw fabulous sunshine and 6 players keen to learn.  I went through catching and batting techniques, everyone showing great skill level in both activities.

The second session we had 10 players - I went through a refresher course on batting adding more advanced levels of technique plus full bowling action, finishing off with a game allowing everyone to try out their new skills, which again was impressive.  The ladies and girls only delivered 6 wides the whole game, a credit to everyone for having a go and showing great quality for such a hard skill.

At tonight's session we had 17 players and I worked on the pull shot, putting this skill into a game base scenario, each player showed great awareness, good eye for the ball and great skill technique.

I have been extremely impressed by the level and quality of each player's skill, willingness to learn, trying out all new techniques, working outside their comfort zone and all the hard work everyone has put into these sessions.

Thank you all and WELL DONE everyone.

Look forward to seeing you all next week and let us hope the lovely weather continues.

Sue Moore
Disability & Women's Development Officer

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