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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

150 Club update incl. winners for February and March 2018

Hello all!

Here are the 150 Club winners for February and March 2018, the last two draws of last season's 150 Club.

The winners are...


Winner - £40.00 = Ben Sheppard (60)
Runner Up - £20.00 = Paul Shoemaker (147)


Winner - £40.00 = Brian Westerman (54)
Runner Up - £20.00 = Thom Murray (158)

These are the last of the draws from last season and very soon I will be doing the draws for January, February, March and April for the new season as the 150 Club format has changed. It was from April to March but now it is January to December.

Kind Regards,

Sam Clulow

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