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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chairman's Report - 2015 AGM

Another action packed year at Attenborough CC! With our 2nds and 3rds teams each gaining promotion and the 4ths narrowly missing out, we can justifiably consider the 2015 season to be a success, despite the fact that our 1st team were unable to sustain good early season form and were in the end relegated from the Premier League. We shall aim and plan to return to the top flight as soon as possible. A club of our size and standing in the Nottinghamshire cricket community should always aspire to play at the highest level.

I make no apology in starting my report by thanking our hard working committee, together with the group of trusty volunteers that make everything happen at the club on and off the field. Without their support and tangible input the club simply would not function at the high level it does. As Chairman this commitment is invaluable. Thank you.

On the field our 3rd team took centre stage in winning division J by 67 points!, and reaching the Cup final. Our 2nd team continued their upward journey through the leagues over recent years, being promoted into B division. The 4ths

just missed out on automatic promotion in M, but may find as the leagues get restructured that they do in fact play at a higher level next year. Our 1st team, despite some very good performances, (not seen often enough) were relegated from the Premier League. A variety reasons can explain this outcome – one being a commitment to availability. The club commits much off the field and financially in bringing overseas cricketers and pro’s to play at The Strand, as rightly requested by our players and demanded by the level at which perform. In return, this commitment must be matched by our own playing members. Enough said.

Having ‘lost its way’ in recent years, I was pleased to see our Sunday 1st team play some good, competitive cricket, particularly in blooding several younger players in the process. Credit for this goes to skipper Martin Firbank. Our Sunday 2nd team continued to enjoy the local social cricket scene, while at the same time helping to introduce some youngsters to cricket.

Youth cricket continues to be in a very healthy state. The dedication by our youth coaches to ensure this success is second to none. Thank you. One of the positives we are now seeing is that we have a group of several good young cricketers now playing and pushing for selection into our senior teams. The future looks good!

The womens and girls section continues to develop, with Sue Moore setting a great example in leading this group.

The Disability Table Cricket activities continue to develop. Again thanks to the excellent work and leadership of Sue Moore we were able to attract some ‘Sportivate’ funds to help fund the activities and coaching. If you haven’t looked already, I would ask you to visit the clubs website at to read more about the great work taking place in this area.

Our facilities were in demand by the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board with several Notts youth representative matches taking place during the season. These matches are great for the clubs profile in the local community, but do put a further strain on our volunteers in sorting out the ground and providing the catering. A special thanks to those people who make these midweek events a success. As we anticipated, our improved profile through developments at The Strand over the last 4 years certainly brings new challenges!

Off the field, we improved the storage area around the back of the pavilion, rebuilt the bbq and installed a patio. We also bought some new benches and picnic tables – nearly an all seater ground now! We are as ever, indebted to those that work on the ground making our facilities one of (if not the) best in the county. Thank you.

At Long Lane we bought new seats for players / spectators as requested, and are currently undertaking a feasibility study with Broxtowe Council (owners) regarding further possible developments / improvements.

Socially we have had another very good year. Special thanks to the social committee of Paul, Sam & Rich for their work in making the socials a success. We now have a number of social events throughout the year that not only contribute positively to ‘club life’ but also help to raise much needed income to enable the club to function at the level it does. The continued support of the various club socials is very important both from players and non players alike.

Financially, we are still feeling the effects from the huge amount of work carried out on the pavilion and grounds in recent years so your continued help and tangible contribution is very important. We installed a ‘card reader’ payment system during 2015 and are now adding ‘Paypal’ to our website to help improve our service to members, and make our administration even more efficient. These come at a cost, but the committee felt that offering these 21st century technologies important.

A small, dedicated group of volunteers ensured one of our major fundraising events – the community firework display – was a success. If we are to continue with this event next year we will need more help from our ‘playing members’. (7 players from a playing membership of around 50 helped this year over the weekend of the event). Overseas / professional players, developments / improvements at two grounds come at a cost.

We thank our sponsors / supporters. We are fortunate to have several corporate and private sponsors that help in the running of the club. If you look at our accounts, (produced by Alison – thank you) there are many large financial commitments that the club has to meet year on year. These are not covered by ‘bar takings’ – a popular and convenient misconception. If we were not successful in attracting external funds from a variety of sources, holding successful socials and generally working more efficiently in various aspects, the club would not be in the position it is today, on and off the field.

Our catering team does a great job. Providing teas for 6 teams amounts to around 60 teas to prepare throughout the season. With the addition to this of several midweek events where catering is required I take this opportunity to appeal for more help from those players who do not provide any volunteer help at present.

A managed increase in ‘socials’ held at The Strand over the year has also placed more demands on our ‘bar team’. Thank you to those who offer their time to ensure these events are a success.

Before looking at the plans for the next 12 months, let’s take a look at how we faired over the last year against the plans/aims made in my last report 12 months ago.

Plans / aims for 2015:

Senior Cricket:

  • Continue to attract good players to enhance our current playing squad.
  • 1st team to retain Premier League status. 
  • 2nd team to finish in top 4 of Division C. 
  • 3rd & 4th teams to maintain their status in their respective divisions. 
2nds, 3rds & 4ths over achieved. 1st team enough said!
Youth Cricket: 
  • Improve player pathways into senior cricket. 
  • Identify more able players from within to establish academy style development group, to be led by Senior Coach. 
  • Continue to prove quality coaching for all our junior members. 
  • Encourage more volunteer coaches from young cricketers and from parents of youth members. 
  • Continue to grow youth membership.
    Encourage more involvement from parents in helping with coaching, catering, administering, ‘general involvement’. 
Academy style development group still to be established. More coaches gained basic level coaching qualifications. Youth membership continues to grow. Other local clubs have seen their membership fall. More parental involvement – partly achieved – ongoing.


The Strand

  • Work on outfield to ensure drainage lines fully recover. 
  • Ensure the two new strips installed on square last year are fit for purpose for 2015.
    Install speaker/sound system in Pavilion.
    Build permanent steps leading changing rooms. 
  • Complete slabbing around pavilion.
  • Ensure car park is marked out – AVGA responsibility.
  • Install WiFi & dart board
Long Lane
  • Review facilities, decorate as necessary.  
  • Buy chairs for spectators/players etc.

Strand: Drainage lines recovering – ongoing. Two new strips fit to use. Speaker system in situ. Steps completed and patio area built. Car Park still to be marked out – AVGA responsibility.  WiFi installed, dart board fitted.

Long Lane: Chairs bought for players/spectators. Watering system improved. Feasibility study being carried out with Broxtowe Council re further developments.

Phase 2 of Inclusion Project: 

  • Continue to develop Ladies section. 
  • Continue to work with NCB to develop Disable Table Cricket activities. Achieved.
  • Work with Nottinghamshire Cricket Board in developing a ‘hub’ venue in South Nottinghamshire, facilitating representative matches as far logistics/resources permit. Several NCB matches events/matches took place. 

Social & Income Generation: 

  • Develop a Fundraising Strategy. 
  • Establish a small group led by Sam Clulow/Paul Shoemaker to develop/coordinate a program of events, enhancing our social provision and improving income generation, building on the successes of 2014. A calendar of events has now been established:
February/March : Haveli
March : Golf day
April: Cricket Force
June: Race Night
July: Summer Festival (Outdoor Haveli - Grand Prize Draw)
September: End of Season BBQ
October: Presentation evening
November: Community Fireworks Display and AGM
December: pre Christmas get together / 150 Club Grand Prize Draw

We achieved a lot in the last 12 months on a limited budget! Thank you.

There is still a lot more to do! Detailed below are the plans, aims & objectives for the coming 12 months. Your help and support will be needed if we want to achieve.

Plans, Aims & Objectives for 2016:

  • Senior Cricket: Continue attract good quality players to improve current playing squad. 1st team to finish in top two in A division. 2nds, 3rds & 4th to consolidate in the leagues they play in, given previous years promotions. Sunday 1sts & 2nds to build on the work of the Saturday 3rds & 4ths in providing competitive & social cricket and developing young players accordingly.
  •  Enter a team in ECB U19 competition.
  • Youth Cricket: Continue to improve player pathways into Senior cricket, providing a seamless transition into the clubs 3rd, 4th and Sunday teams. Identify more able young cricketers and develop their skills appropriately, fast track if necessary. Encourage more volunteer coaches both from our own playing members and parents of youth members. Offer financial support to those taking coaching qualifications for the benefit of the club. Continue to grow youth membership. Encourage more involvement from parents to help with catering, administration and coaching. Improve succession planning.

  • Grounds / Buildings: The Strand – Discuss with Broxtowe Borough Council the potential / options of building a scorebox near to the boundary/install two dormers in pavilion roof – AVGA have agreed. Complete BBQ.
  • Long Lane – explore with Broxtowe Borough Council the possibilities of siting a container (fitted out inside) to enable teas to be served from within.

  • Phase 2 of Inclusion Project: Continue to develop Ladies section & to work with NCB to develop Disable Table Cricket activities.
  • Social & Income Generation: Build on the work done by our Social team (Paul, Sam & Rich) to establish a programme of events, well supported and for the enjoyment of everyone connected with the club. Encourage others beyond this social team to organize / attend events – playing and non playing.

Nick Allcoat
November 2015

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