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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Chairman's Report from AGM

What a year! 2014 goes down as the year Attenborough Cricket Club positioned itself to go to the next level, on and off the field, being at the pinnacle of local amateur cricket in Nottinghamshire. The development work seen on the ground and pavilion was complimented by two of our teams being crowned ‘Champions’ of their respective divisions – resulting in the return of Premier League Cricket to The Strand once again. Added to these titles was the club winning the SNCL Fair Play Award. Brilliant.

But there was much more besides……..

Firstly, can I thank everyone on behalf of the Committee for their commitment in contributing to a successful 2014 season, to arrive at the position that we see today. On a further more personal note, I’d like to extend my further thanks to
all those on our committee who have supported me 100% through the last 3 years in helping to deliver the changes that we see today. We have more developments planned for 2015 and beyond to ensure that our club continues to progress, see notes later.

We are very fortunate here at Attenborough CC in that we have so many people willing to get involved in the many ‘activities’ that go to make up a successful club. From the youngest junior to the oldest senior everyone is encouraged to get involved and feel part of what happens at the club, - playing, supporting, coaching, catering, maintaining and administrating. It was great to see everyone adopting a can do approach throughout the year as we developed our club for everyone to enjoy for our benefit and that of the local community.

Our achievements on the field surpassed those of 2013, which in themselves were very good.

Our 1st team winning promotion back into the Premier League were ably supported by our 2nd team who remained undefeated in their march to winning Division D. Premier League cricket, supported by a 2nd team in Division C shows the growing standards across the club, and is where we need to be. Work still needs to be done to develop further. This is where our 3rd, 4th and Sunday sides play a huge role in ‘blooding’ youngsters and in providing cricket for a variety of abilities.

In line with this development our Youth section continues to evolve, with numbers growing. Thanks go particularly to Jamie, Carl and Barrie, and several ‘young coaches’ for their work in leading our Juniors. Our reputation continues to grow in this sphere. Our Youth section coaches are already planning ways of developing our more able young players so that the youngsters progress appropriately, in line with ECB guidelines.

2014 saw the launch of our Ladies section, the first in Attenborough Cricket Club’s history. The club is indebted to Sue Moore who has led on this, and has been instrumental in getting people involved – linked to our Inclusion Project/funding received.

The other, equally important strand to the Inclusion Project is that of Disability Table Cricket activities. Again, Sue Moore has worked hard to get this established in organising a ‘Satellite Club’ – working with Foxwood Academy, also liaising with the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board (NCB) Disability team and several local colleges in hosting two very successful Table Cricket events in our Pavilion. It cannot be underestimated how this work has had a massive impact on the clubs profile in ‘influential areas’ and in the local community.

We have also further developed our already good links with NCB in providing facilities for various NCB representative matches, both for boys and girls. We had very positive feedback from NCB personnel not only for our facilities on and off the field, but also for the general hospitality offered by those working on preparing the ground for the matches and in providing the catering.

Off the field, the season started with the veranda, ramps and steps being installed. The club thanks John Harrison for organizing/building this key feature of the pavilion, enabling the cricket and social functions to take place, losing the ‘building site’ look. John also installed insulation upstairs with Howard sorting the boarding/flooring to increase storage space (short term) upstairs, for further development (medium term).

Our ground is now beginning to settle down following the installation of the drainage at the end of 2013. This will benefit further from winter and spring growth ahead of the 2015 season. The grounds team do a great job in making our facilities one of the best in Nottinghamshire.

At Long Lane we intend to revisit the improvements done a few years ago by the cricket club, and look to maintain standards, mindful that there will be limits to what we can do to this Broxtowe Council owned property. Help will be needed from playing members to decorate etc.

Socially, the club goes from strength to strength, with many more people visiting The Strand than previously.

Thanks go to the small social committee that was established and oversaw the successful Haveli lunch and Cotgrave Golf day, plus several other fundraising initiatives.

Our bar/pavilion is now much in demand and as such special thanks goes to Tim, Mick, and Paul for their work here.

As always, we say thank you to our sponsors. We are very fortunate to have a good number of supporters, both corporate and personal. Without their help and backing the club could not function at the level it does or continue to develop.

Our annual firework display was held, with thanks to those on the Firework Committee for their organization. The event was a success, in excess of 1,000 people attending despite the poor weather on the Saturday. Once again, the club is indebted to a small group of volunteers in the planning, delivery and cleaning up.

We are very fortunate here at Attenborough CC that we have several people in the club that ensure ‘the job gets done’. However we welcome more help from players and non players as we look to develop the club further. This is your club…….

The contributions of our volunteers have had a massive positive impact on what we see today and the continued development of the club will be directly linked as to how we can involve more people to get involved in a variety of capacities on and off the field. Special thanks to Keith Sperry for the amount of ‘volunteer time’ spent on a variety of duties around the club, much of it unseen but particularly vital.

The preparation of the cricket teas / catering rota is always a difficult task – last year was no exception, although it was pleasing to see a few ‘new faces’ getting involved. Thank you. With the club also providing for midweek events linked to NCB use and Table Cricket activities help with the catering has never been more needed. Thanks to those who donated £10 to enable meaningful ‘thank you’ gifts be bought for those on the catering duties/rota. 2015 will see this initiative continued.

Before looking at the plans for the next 12 months I thought it would be good to look back at our plans/aims as set out in my report 12 months ago at our last AGM…..……

Plans/Aims for 2014 – a review:

  • Senior Cricket: 1st team to consolidate in A Division. Increase playing membership, particularly at 1st/2nd team level. 2nd team to finish in top 4 of D Division. 3rd & 4th teams to retain current status and continue to develop young players ongoing. Smashed it! 1st team Division A Champions, 2nd team Division D Champions (undefeated). 3rd & 4th teams retained current status and developed young players. e.g Mark Walsh 4ths to 2nds within the season.
  • Youth Cricket: Continue with the restructuring/redeveloping of the youth provision. Develop Coaching programmes. Provide pathways for our young cricketers to enable a smooth transition into Senior cricket, overseen by our Director of Coaching. Continue to develop our volunteers/existing coaches with further qualifications/training in line with ECB Clubmark accreditation. Partially achieved, although currently plans being developed to improve young player pathways – see aims for 2015. Coaching qualifications achieved and developing on going – New personnel with level 3, level 2 and level 1 qualifications gained.
  • Continue to ensure the playing surface/outfield/ground is maintained/developed to high standard/fit for purpose. Mainly achieved and developing ongoing. Outfield being monitored re ‘drainage lines’ with action taken accordingly. Cricket square good, with ongoing recognition re the impact of new drainage. Cricket square extended - Two new strips installed.
  • Complete phase 1 of The Inclusion Project (Pavilion rebuild) – Access ramps/steps, insulate top floor, slab surrounding areas, complete bar, add more seating, install cycle rack. Majority achieved – main ramps/steps, top floor insulated & boarded out, part surrounds slabbed, bar completed, seating installed in pavilion. Cycle rack installed. Changing room steps to be installed.
  • Start and develop phase 2 of The Inclusion Project (Delivery), in the first instance Disability Table Cricket followed by developing Girls Cricket. Achieved – Satellite Disability Table Cricket (DTC) Group set up, two successful Nottinghamshire DTC events held. Ladies section set up/being developed.
  • Establish a Club Social Committee to maximize the use/potential of our new facilities. Develop a planned programme of social events. Volunteers welcomed to get involved in the planning and coordination. Partially achieved – Fundraising group set up, successful in raising substantial ‘extra’ funds. Further development required.
  • Continue with rebranding of the Cricket Club, including new logo, updated website, pavilion signage, new logo’d playing kit for Seniors and Juniors. Achieved – new logo being used across the club, website updated and successful, new signage installed, new playing kit available for all.
  • Continue to improve the way we record, monitor, and update the details relating to our membership – current and new, leading to improving our communications. Mainly achieved, ongoing development. Communications greatly improved through our informative Website, Squirrel News, use of e mail, twitter, facebook.

From the above it can be seen that we’ve come a long way and achieved much (‘over achieved’ in many areas!) during the last 12 months. We still have many plans, aims and objectives as we go into 2015. These are detailed below:

Plans/aims for 2015:

  • Senior Cricket: Continue to attract good players to enhance our current playing squad. 1st team to retain Premier League status. 2nd team to finish in top 4 of Division C. 3rd & 4th teams to maintain their status in their respective divisions.
  • Youth Cricket: Improve player pathways into senior cricket. Identify more able players from within to establish academy style development group, to be led by Senior Coach. Continue to prove quality coaching for all our junior members. Encourage more volunteer coaches from young cricketers and from parents of youth members. Continue to grow youth membership.
    Encourage more involvement from parents in helping with coaching, catering, administering, ‘general involvement’.
  • Grounds/Buildings: The Strand – Work on outfield to ensure drainage lines fully recover. Ensure the two new strips installed on square last year are fit for purpose for 2015.
    Install speaker/sound system in Pavilion 
    Build permanent steps leading changing rooms. Complete slabbing around pavilion.
    Ensure car park is marked out – AVGA responsibility.
    Install WiFi & dart board.
    Long Lane – Review facilities, decorate as necessary. Buy chairs for spectators/players etc.
  • Phase 2 of Inclusion Project: Continue to develop Ladies section. Continue to work with NCB to develop Disable Table Cricket activities.
  • Work with Nottinghamshire Cricket Board in developing a ‘hub’ venue in South Nottinghamshire, facilitating representative matches as far logistics/resources permit.
  • Social & Income Generation: Develop a Fundraising Strategy. Establish a small group led by Sam Clulow / Paul Shoemaker to develop/coordinate a program of events, enhancing our social provision and improving income generation, building on the successes of 2014.

Still much to do! With everyone’s help and input we can continue to develop our club with the ultimate benefit being a place that we all enjoy visiting as players or supporters, and a club in which we are proud to be a member.
Your contribution is valued and needed. Thank you.

Finally, you are probably all aware by now that Geoff Gooch our Club President wishes to stand down from the post this year. I fully understand the reasons behind Geoff’s request, albeit we shall miss his enthusiasm and support on a day to day basis. That said knowing Geoff, I am sure he will always be available for a ‘quick word’ offering the value of his vast experience. This club is run on many of the values and ideas that Geoff has instigated / developed in over 50 years of scoring, playing, umpiring, coaching, managing, organising, administering and supporting. Thank you Geoff. I for one am proud to say, like many of our club members past and present, ‘was one of his Colts’!

Nick Allcoat
Chairman November 2014

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