Fixtures this weekend: Sat 1st XI @ Cuckney, 2nd XI home to Calverton. Sun 2nd XI home to Sutton on the Hill. -- Outdoor training every Tuesday @ The Strand, 6pm. -- Would like to know our full set of fixtures... check under our Useful links for 2019's Fixture Card!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Weekend Selections

Sat 1st XI Sat 2nd XI Sat 3rd XI Sat 4th XI Sun 1st XI Sun 2nd XI
#Unity Casuals@ B & T S@Gedling Colliery IIIGreat DalbyGedling Colliery@ Thrumpton
1McKinlayHenson RRandallHallamHarrisonWort
2MurrayMossShaw MKnightRaynerSandhu S
3HeidenShields WMoore SWaddleSimkiss CSandhu A
4TerkowskiJanduFirbankHillMossMurray I
5ClulowAllcoatGrenfellBinnieGardinerMurray T
6GardinerTurner PStimpsonChimaBateman PHearson
7HarrisonShields TBateman MLeeBateman BBlack B
8Sandhu ABateman PAnderson-PearceBaddeley JSmith CHarris
9RaynerHenson SMoore BMeakinWalshEvans
10Simkiss AMcConnellWalshHubbardAbbottTurney
11Simkiss CTurner MTurneyGibsonChapmanGrenfell

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