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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Chairman's Report 2013

For those of you who missed this year's Cricket Club AGM my 'Chairman's Report' follows for your information.

May I also take this opportunity of thanking you all for your support throughout 2013 - next year promises to be just as interesting - and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - don't forget to come along to our pre Christmas social at the Pavilion on Thursday 12th December 7.30p.m, drinks and food being served!

Chairman's Report

If we thought the 2012 season was the most challenging in recent memory (remember the floods and no home ground etc), I think we were wrong! 2013 was even more of a challenge, which given the success we saw both on and off the field was made even more remarkable.
Firstly, can I thank everyone on behalf of the Committee for their commitment and contributions in getting the club through the 2013 season, to arrive at the position that we see today. On a personal note I’d like to extend my further thanks to all of our committee who have supported me 100%
through the last 2 years in helping to deliver the changes that we see today. This is not the end of the developments, more a case of putting a structure in place to enable the club to progress further, (see plans for the next 12 months below).

It was great to see everyone adopting a can do approach throughout the year in often difficult circumstances while our wonderful new pavilion was being built.

Our achievements on the field were very good. New 1st team captain Ben Sheppard brought his undoubted experience to the role in developing Senior cricket, ably supported by Rich, James and Paul, who all continued to benefit from the expertise of Jamie Hart (level 3 coach) in Directing the Cricket affairs. Jamie’s role at the club, working with both the senior and junior members should not be under estimated, particularly given his other commitments with Nottinghamshire CCC. Winning B division with 2 games to spare was a great achievement and with the 2nd team also gaining promotion back into D division we are beginning to position the club back to the standards that a club of our standing should experience. Work still needs to be done. This will be helped by our 3rd, 4th and Sunday teams continuing to blood/develop new players, ensuring that our standards are of the highest possible.
In line with this our Youth section continues to evolve, with numbers growing. Thanks go particularly to Jamie, Carl and Barrie, and several ‘young coaches’ for their work in leading our Juniors. Our reputation continues to grow in this sphere.

Off the field, the year started with the pavilion totally demolished, and water everywhere! To achieve what we have within the last 12 months is truly outstanding. The club (and the local community) will always owe a huge debt of gratitude for those volunteers who contributed so much time and effort to ensure the developments were a success. Thank you.
Phase 1 of The Inclusion Project, that of providing a building fit for purpose for those with disabilities & girls to also get involved, is nearing completion. We now have a building worth around £280,000. This has been achieved by raising £130,000 in grants, interest fee loans, plus our own internal fund raising. Added to this is around £90,000 worth of ‘benefits in kind/expertise’, plus the huge contribution from our ‘voluntary workforce’. The Project justifiably received national recognition late in the year for the result seen. A real team effort!
Phase 2 of The Inclusion Project has already started. This is centred around the club becoming a ‘hub venue’ in South Nottinghamshire for Disability Table Cricket. Meetings have already taken place with CP Sport, Sport Nottinghamshire, Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire CCC to progress. Activities scheduled to start in Spring 2014. Thank you to Martin Firbank for offering to help in the coordination of this part of the project.

The success in attracting funds (£130k) into the club only happened because we have a viable Phase 2, that of engaging with other users who would not have visited/used our facilities otherwise. As we progress through 2014 and beyond the club will begin to take on a different feel to what we have experienced over recent years, one in which all members, playing and non-playing, current and future will witness improvements. We have already seen many changes/benefits over the last 2 years – with your support we will continue to progress the club.
As the 2013 season drew to a close we were pleased to take up the offer from the Environment Agency (no cost to the club) of the installation of underground drainage system on the whole of the outfield. This was after several processes were tried by the EA – with marginal success – to restore our playing conditions to what they were prior to the flood wall being built. This together with the improvements to the new pavilion makes our club and facilities the envy of other clubs in the county.

On the social scene, once our Pavilion had been restored to its new glory we were able to host several functions linked to our membership. The highlight being our Grand Pavilion Opening in August which was held to thank those volunteers and businesses that had helped in the success of the project. Paul Johnson, former Notts batsman and now on the coaching staff at Notts CCC completed the opening formalities, reminiscing that he scored his first ever century as a youngster at The Strand! The Past players v Present players cricket match that followed was surprisingly competitive and enjoyed by all. We were blessed with fantastic weather, enjoyed by over 400 people that visited the ground that day.

After 2 years where the ground was unfit to hold our Annual Firework display, normal service was resumed this year. The event was a success, in excess of 1,000 people attending despite the poor weather on the night. Once again, the club are indebted to a small group of volunteers in the planning, delivery and cleaning up.
We are very fortunate here at Attenborough CC that we have several people in the club that ensure ‘the job gets done’. However we welcome more help from players and non players as we look to develop the club further.

In a year where voluntary contributions have had a massive positive impact on what we see today it would be wrong to single out individuals – although the daily input of Keith Sperry in being the ‘eyes n ears’ at the ground is invaluable. Thank you.

The preparation of the cricket teas/tea rota continues to be a concern. We have an excellent, although small group of people that give up their time to do the teas for the players. We need more people to help out here. Preparing, delivering and clearing up afterwards is a 2 person job. We currently (wrongly) expect one person to do the teas – sometimes last year one person prepared teas for 2 matches on the same day – not acceptable for a club of our size/membership – more later.

Before looking at the plans for the next 12 months I thought it would be good to look back at our plans/aims as set out in my report 12 months ago at our last AGM…..……
  • Major building work on Pavilion. Volunteers needed to help with work.
Brilliant response, project wouldn’t have succeeded without our valued volunteers.

  • Ensure outfield on ground recovers/fit for use for 2013 season.
Difficult year, but by the end of 2013 season ground all but recovered/drainage installed, two new cricket strips seeded. New practice nets & matting installed.

  • Senior Cricket: Increase playing membership, particularly at 1st/2nd team level and gain promotion to Division A.
Both achieved. Well done! Plus the added bonus of the 2nd team gaining promotion.

  • Youth Cricket: Continue restructuring and developing youth provision. Develop Coaching Programmes, provide pathways for young cricketers into Senior cricket at appropriate level. Increase members with Coaching qualifications.
Youth section restructured, Foundation/Kwik/Hardball. Groups based on abilities not age.

Coaching programmes continue to evolve for our young cricketers.

Several young players progressed into adult cricket for 1st time – 4th team and Sunday sides, some then also played for the 3rd team.

Several coaches gained qualifications, level 1, 2, & 3.

  • Start Phase 2 of Inclusion Project (Delivery).
Meetings held with key stakeholders to progress, delivery planned for Spring 2014.

  • Encourage more members to become involved in the running of the club.
Work to be done. With the improved facilities the club adopts an open door policy in encouraging others to get involved and to help. By working with other new user groups who will use the facilities there is potential for growth. Squirrel News developed to ensure current and new members are kept up to date, feel welcome and have knowledge about the club. Website also kept ‘very current’, with pictures, stats, reports etc.

Plans/Aims for 2014:

  • Senior Cricket: 1st team to consolidate in A Division. Increase playing membership, particularly at 1st/2nd team level. 2nd team to finish in top 4 of D Division. 3rd & 4th teams to retain current status and continue to develop young players ongoing.
  • Youth Cricket: Continue with the restructuring/redeveloping of the youth provision. Develop Coaching programmes. Provide pathways for our young cricketers to enable a smooth transition into Senior cricket, overseen by our Director of Coaching. Continue to develop our volunteers/existing coaches with further qualifications/training in line with ECB Clubmark accreditation.
  • Continue to ensure the playing surface/outfield/ground is maintained/developed to high standard/fit for purpose.
  • Complete phase 1 of The Inclusion Project (Pavilion rebuild) – Access ramps/steps, insulate top floor, slab surrounding areas, complete bar, add more seating, install cycle rack.
  • Start and develop phase 2 of The Inclusion Project (Delivery), in the first instance Disability Table Cricket followed by developing Girls Cricket.
  • Establish a Club Social Committee to maximize the use/potential of our new facilities. Develop a planned programme of social events. Volunteers welcomed to get involved in the planning and coordination.
  • Continue with rebranding of the Cricket Club, including new logo, updated website, pavilion signage, new logo’d playing kit for Seniors and Juniors.
  • Continue to improve the way we record, monitor, and update the details relating to our membership – current and new, leading to improving our communications.

We had a great 2013, with lots happening. However the work has only just begun in our aim in seeing Attenborough Cricket Club raising its standards, become truly inclusive and to be seen as a focal point for Community Involvement.

Thank you for your support, the continued development of the club is in your hands.

Are you up for the challenge?

Nick Allcoat
November 2013

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