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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Squirrel News - Issue 6 - March 2013

Squirrel News - Issue 6, March 2013 
Updates, news, and views from in and around Attenborough Cricket Club

The President’s Thoughts...
With the 2013 Season nearly upon us, the Club is entering into probably the most exciting time in its history (for me anyway!). Thanks to the voluntary efforts and commitment of a number of members (in support of the ‘professionals’) over recent months, to see the ‘new’ Clubhouse taking shape has been awe inspiring. We look forward to the finished job and cricket back to the Strand. There will be lots of jobs requiring members generally to do in refurbishing the building and of course getting the
ground ready again after the major Flood Wall project, and I’m sure members/friends will be inspired to help and be a part of what will be of lasting benefit for the local community and visitors for years to come.
Away from this, your committee has been busy with other facets of the club and with winter nets at both senior and junior level being well attended we look forward with renewed enthusiasm to the coming season. The ‘coaching structure’ throughout the club has been re-addressed and I’m sure the benefits will start to come through this season. Other initiatives are also in hand to ensure that Attenborough C C stays among one of the leading clubs in the county. Let us all be proud to keep it this way.
Finally, to maintain and improve further the club’s standing, money raising becomes even more important. The support has always been good from Vice Presidents and friends, as witnessed by the response to schemes such as ‘Buy a Brick’ (still open!), and the 150 Club. Please continue to encourage anyone who would like to help in any way and become part of our wonderful Club.
Geoff Gooch
The Chairman’s Thoughts...
As we approach the start of the 2013 season, I thought I’d open with updating you about how we are looking to improve on the Cricket provision both on and off the field. After all, we are a Cricket Club and we should not lose sight of this, given all the other things that we get involved in!
We have a new ‘team’ of Captains, all very keen to deliver quality cricket at their respective levels, each of equal importance to Attenborough Cricket Club for a variety reasons in offering cricket for all ages and abilities. Ben Sheppard, our new 1st team skipper has been working tirelessly over the winter in attracting new players to the club, particularly at 1st & 2nd team level. Indoor training has been very well attended, evidencing a real ‘buzz’ about the club, both in the Senior and Junior sections.
Our efforts in providing a fantastic new pavilion have not deflected our attentions from raising funds to install/improve our practice net facility at the Strand. Our nets, in need of some tlc, will benefit from new matting and complete new netting. We shall also position a ‘sightscreen’ (similar to those used at Long Lane) to improve visibility plus we now have power available at the net area to make the bowling machine easier to use. The outfield, following the flood wall being built, needed attention. Working with the Environment Agency this is an ongoing process. We have, at no cost to the club, benefitted from expert service in getting the playing surface fit for purpose. The contractors involved also work nationally at Premier League football clubs – so we’re getting the best advice and service to correct any drainage problems. Following the treatment, initial results are positive.
Turning to the Clubhouse development. The Project Management Team has spent much time and effort over the last 15 months to get the building to its present stage. These people, coupled with an excellent group of volunteers working on the site deserve our thanks. There is still a lot of work to do. We hope to have the building fully usable by June, (the changing/toilets by early May) mindful if we are to deliver the project within budget we will need everyone’s practical help. I know we can rely on your support. We have our Cricket Force weekend on 13th & 14th April – we are the ‘Showcase Club’ in Nottinghamshire for this event so there will be lots of areas where you can get involved – from DIY to helping with the refreshments! The ECB are very keen on our ‘Inclusion Project’, embracing those with disabilities and girls cricket. We are to feature in their April edition of their national DVD – ‘A view from the Middle’. Our profile is certainly developing!
On the Social front:
Having said we are first and foremost a ‘Cricket Club’, the provision of social events is very important in developing our ‘inclusive ethos’ and generating further income for the club so that it can be reinvested for all of our members and local community benefit. Everyone has the opportunity to feel welcome at the club – not just the ‘chosen few’! This is one of the key aims of the present Committee, and one that we intend to keep focusing on. We have been successful in attracting funds to the club to enable the core development work to be done, but it’s the ongoing support of the social events and how we link with other groups that will enable Attenborough Cricket Club to progress further. To this end Paul Shoemaker is overseeing Social events, so that we have a ‘Social plan’ in place, but he needs some help! Stuart Carlisle is keen to support on this, if anyone else can help in the planning/has some ideas of what they would like to see staged at the club, please speak with Paul.
We have already had an excellent social this year at Trent Bridge and have further events planned as follows:
Cricket Force Weekend – 13th & 14th April
Meal & Social at Haveli Restaurant – 14th April (2.00p.m to 6p.m)
Golf day – Date TBA
Club Open Day – supported by the ECB – Saturday 13th July
Celebration Day to mark the Clubhouse opening – "Past versus Present cricket match" – Monday (BH) 26th August (p.m.) and Youth section activities (a.m.)
Firework evening – Saturday 2nd November
So lots going on, with more events being scheduled as the year unfolds. Your involvement/help will determine the success of these activities.
As ever, if you have any thoughts or ideas on how you see the club progressing, please speak with me or any member of the committee.
Nick Allcoat
Senior Cricket News and Views
The Views of New 1st XI Skipper Ben Sheppard...
With the new season in sight, well, once it stops snowing at least it will be; the playing members find themselves in good order. Winter nets have been well attended by existing and new players alike, as well as by Paul Pollard (formerly of Nottinghamshire & Worcestershire) who has been coaching the first team squad. Maybe as a result of the added publicity for the pavilion redevelopment, no fewer than eight potential new players have shown up for nets- some of which have even come back for a second net. The 2013 season promises to be a big one for Attenborough CC with all adult teams aiming for promotion. With the addition of possibly 8 playing members as well as a return to The Strand- you can’t bet against it.
Indoor nets finish on 29th March and the first outdoor net will take place on 9th April- bring your snow boots & mittens! Four pre-season friendlies have been arranged for 20th and 27th April subject to the snow having thawed.
News From The Youth Section
Winter Training
The Youth section has thrown itself into winter training, with sessions taking place every Friday evening from 6.00-9.00pm from early January (and will continue through to the end of April). There are approximately 40 young players training with age groups covered from 7 up to 16. We have also attracted some new players to the club through this commitment to winter as well as summer training.
Winter training has been a mixture of really embedding basic batting, bowling and fielding skills, then putting these skills into practice via indoor game scenarios. For the Under 11 age group and older, the first 3 weeks of refreshing the basics has been followed with hardball net practice.
The sessions have been led and supported by a mixture of Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches, with an average of 5 coaches a week for groups of no more than 15 youth players, thus providing some really intensive support for developing players.
Summer Training and Registration
Players and coaches alike are really looking forward to getting out on the grass. Summer registration will take place on Friday 26th April from 6.30 onwards. A number of activities will be available if the weather is OK and training will start properly the following Friday from 6.30 to 8.00pm every week.
When the pavilion is finished, the bar will open and if we ever get some good weather, we’ll fire up the barbecue so it’s a good opportunity for an outdoor family evening.
For any queries relating to youth cricket, please contact in the first instance:
Carl Knight on – for U11s and Older.
Or Barrie Humphriss on – for Foundation and Kwik Cricket (generally U10s and younger).

The club are keen to develop training for girls wishing to join in. We have already made links with Plumtree Cricket Club in a joint venture, who are able to offer further opportunities for girls matches as the season unfolds. For further information regarding the plans/training, please come along to our registration night on Friday 26th April 7.00p.m at The Strand.
The Great Attenborough Cricket Club Bake Off!
Crunchy Top ‘Squirrels’ Lemon Cake
Makes 1 x 18cm Cake
The same crunchy topping can be used on traybakes and teabreads. The secret is to pour the crunchy topping over the cake while it is warm so that the lemon soaks in and the sugar stays on top.
4 oz (100g) soft margarine
6oz (175g) caster sugar
6 oz (175g) self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 size 2 eggs
4 tablespoons milk
finely grated rind of 1 lemon
For the Crunchy Topping:
juice of 1 lemon
4 oz (100g) caster or granulated sugar
Pre-heat the oven to 180dgs C/350dgs F/Gas 4. Lightly grease and base line an 18cm deep round cake tin with greaseproof paper.
Measure all the ingredients for the cake into a large bowl and beat well for about 2 mins until smooth and well blended. Turn the mixture into the prepared tin and level the surface.
Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 35-40 mins or until the cake has shrunk slightly from the sides of the tin and springs back when lightly pressed with a finger.
Whilst the cake is baking, make the crunchy topping. Measure the lemon juice and sugar into a bowl and stir until blended. When the cake comes out of the oven, spread the lemon paste over the top while the cake is still hot. Leave in the tin in until cold, then turn out and remove the paper.
Cricket Force Weekend
As you know, the cricket club has embarked on an ambitious project aimed at improving the facilities at The Strand for years to come and to everyone's benefit.
The nationwide Cricket Force event, sponsored by NatWest, takes place over the weekend of April 13th and 14th (morning only) and Attenborough Cricket Club has been selected by the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board as a showcase club for the county. Over this weekend we need as many players, parents and supporters of the club to volunteer their time and effort to repair, renovate and improve the facilities, equipment and environment at The Strand.
Preparation for the new season, in terms of equipment and environment, in combination with getting some parts of the new clubhouse into a fit state, means that there is a massive amount of work to do.
The list below sets out just some of work we need to complete and gives an indication of the workforce we're going to need.
Around the Ground:
Renewal and cleaning of nets, prepare covers for use , clean and roll all weather wicket, repair and replace hedge & fencing around the ground, create concrete blocks for benches, renovate benches , renovate metal gate & railings , tidy around net area , renovate small sightscreens , renovate large sightscreen , tree removal.
In and around the Clubhouse (subject to progress between now and the Cricket Force):
Painting of 3 changing rooms , tidying after building work, painting of rendering, renovation & painting of verandah railing, laying slabs and edging at the back of the pavilion.
We are hoping not to have to spend too much on materials over the weekend. So if you have, or have contacts that might donate, any of the following we can probably find a good use for them:-
Chicken wire, wood for fencing & shuttering, sand & cement, sandpaper, varnish, cleaning materials, paint for sightscreens. Tools such as paintbrushes, spades, saws and loppers that you can bring with you on the day will also help.
Thanks to the generosity of various local businesses and our catering volunteers, refreshments will be provided on the day.
You can review the progress that's been made with the rebuilding of the clubhouse through the "photos" section on our website.
Many thanks to those people that have already volunteered their time following the junior presentation evening at Trent Bridge; hopefully you'll still be available to help. We do though still need many more to turn out over the weekend. With some decent weather and plenty of willing volunteers we can make a huge dent in the work that needs to be carried out before the start of the season.
If you can spare some time during Saturday 13th or on the morning of Sunday 14th could you let Club Secretary Graham Shaw ( know. It helps enormously if we can have an indication of numbers attending and when.
Thank you to Paul Chambers for offering to co ordinate the activities on the Cricket Force weekend.
Confessions of a Building Site with Mick Aplin....
During our marathon stint on the building project we have often been asked the same questions over and over again - so I thought it might be useful for the readers to have some of their frequently asked questions (faqs) answered once and for all.
So here goes….. FAQ
Why didn’t you knock the whole thing down and start again?
Answer – I don’t know
FAQ – It’s much closer to the square than it was before isn’t it?
Answer – No it isn’t
FAQ – Why does the field still flood after the wall has been built?
Answer – Because it keeps raining
FAQ -When will the bar be open?
Answer – Same days as it was before
FAQ – How much bigger is it now than before
Answer – 18.2% (made up stat)
FAQ - The roof seems massive - why is it that big?
Answer – Because the top of it is quite a distance from the floor
FAQ – When will it be finished?
Answer – On a Tuesday
Well I hope that’s answered many of your questions - any more questions please feel free to email the project team at or tweet us at #faqoffsite.
The Project Team
Attenborough Cricket Club is one of the leading sports clubs in the area. We are constantly aiming to develop the club and its facilities so that people of all ages, background and abilities, can enjoy being involved in the club both on and off the field. For the club to achieve this aim it raises funds in a variety of ways which then enable the club to maintain its ongoing development, for the benefit of those in the local community. If you or a business contact that you know would like to support the club by way of sponsorship it would be much appreciated. Detailed below are a variety of ways that you may like to get involved, or you may have an idea of your own. Please contact a member of the Committee or visit the club's website at to find out more about the benefits of sponsoring Attenborough Cricket Club. Thank you.
Nick Allcoat, Chairman
Details of benefits
Vice President
Club membership.
Access to competitive bar prices & modern clubhouse
Regular club newsletters/e mail updates
Invitations to Club socials/functions
Clubhouse bookings subject to approval &
Main Club Shirt Sponsor
Corporate logo on club kit shirts/tops – seniors & juniors
Website link
Advert in fixture card
Boundary Board Adverts
High profile large advert board on pitch side
Fixture Card
Page advert in club fixture card
Business link on club website
Newsletter ‘Squirrel News’
Half page advert in club newsletter covering 6 editions throughout year, circulated to all playing/non playing members, senior & youth sections – over 300 homes.
Match day sponsor
Advert in clubhouse – today’s sponsor is.....
Reserved seating to view match
Reserved car park place
2 free teas – Sponsor plus guest
£6 worth of drinks from bar
Picture of the ground
Advert/notice in bar area
Special ‘named’ beer linked to sponsor
Website link
Reference in newsletter
Match day home teas
Advert/notice in kitchen area
Free tea at every home game for season
Youth section/Youth coaching
Re external funded coaches
Reference made in youth section part of newsletter
Firework evening
Reference on advertising literature/flyers
re marketing event
Notice in Clubhouse

The 150 Club
The Committee has decided that due to falling support, the 200 Club (which has been one of our money-raisers for many years) will be replaced by a 150 Club commencing in April through to March 2014. It will still cost only £20 per year with payment due at the start, BEFORE April, with the first 150 members at that time. Paid-up previous 200 Club members will have preference, and in the event that we become ’over subscribed’, new members will be placed on a waiting list. There are of course other ways to support the Club financially e.g. The Buy a Brick project towards our new Clubhouse (again £20) planned for the coming season.
The Prize-monies for the 150 Club will be as follows:-
Monthly: 1st Prize £40, 2nd Prize £20.
Yearly: A ’Grand Christmas Cracker Draw’ of 1st Prize £500, 2nd Prize £200 and 3rd Prize £50.
Thank you in anticipation of your continued support!
Geoff Gooch
6 Burgh Hall Close, Chilwell, NG9 5JH, 01159 253330.
Last Year’s 200 Club Winners in full:
Annual Draw 1st (£500) 2nd (£200) 3rd (£100)
47 - Mick Dandy 171 - Lori Jeffrey 153 - Denise Weir
1st (£50) 2nd (£30) 3rd (£20)
January 137 – Pol Johnson 144 – Toby Sheppard 34 – Richard Granger
February 40 – Tim Clarke 83 – John Mangham 126 – Nick Allcoat
March 81 – Mike Reeder 12 – Carol Kitching 117 – Joe Rees-Jones
April 12 – Carol Kitching 84 – Colin Maber 111 – Kal Shadam
May 67 – Stuart Carlisle 50 – Russell McKinlay 139 – Keith Sperry
June 154 – Denise Weir 39 – Nick Clarke 70 – Luke Brierley
July 143 – Alison Rees-Jones 184 – Richard Jephson 157 – Marie Henson
August 30 – Mike Dickinson 114 – Charlie Young 185 – Russell McKinlay
September 125 – Richard Greene 66 – Elizabeth Tomlinson 97 – Dave Williams
October 190 - Abi Knight 40 - Tim Clarke 86 - Matt Brick
November 1 – Joyce Lafbery 83 - John Mangham 176 - Andy Simkiiss
December 102 - Herbie Whitlock 14 - Steve Wheatley 42 - Linda Allen
And finally...
If you have any ideas relating to progressing life at Attenborough Cricket Club, or would like to get involved/help in some capacity, such as playing, coaching, administration, planning, catering, website or simply wanting to be a part of developing the Cricket Club, please contact one of the Club's Committee members. The club aims to promote inclusivity. More information about Attenborough Cricket Club can be found at

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