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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Squirrel News - Issue 5 - September 2012

Squirrel News - Issue 5, September 2012 
Updates, news, and views from in and around Attenborough Cricket Club

A View From The Drey
The Chairman's Thoughts...
Thank  you!
As the season has now drawn to a close, I'd like to start my last Chairman's report of 2012  by saying thank you to everyone connected with the club for adopting a 'business as usual' approach during what has been a very eventful and challenging 2012 season for a variety of reasons. Being away from the
Strand for the season posed many logistical problems, which we met with a positive approach to ensure we were able to enjoy the cricket (when the rain allowed!) on and off the field as best we could, given the circumstances.
Not having any home fixtures at the Strand makes you realise and appreciate what lovely surroundings we have where we can enjoy our cricket and the social scene. With the development of the pavilion now starting and the ground beginning to recover, 2013 and beyond promises to be better than ever!
For those that may have missed the recent communication, the Committee have decided not to hold a Firework evening in November 2012. This will allow the new turf to become established - up to 2,000 people walking over the ground would not be advisable so soon after it being laid. This, together with the fact that building work on the Pavilion will also be underway, means that it is not possible to hold the Firework evening this year. Normal service will be resumed in 2013.
On the pitch, the 1st XI narrowly missed out on promotion back into Division A at the first attempt, the 2nds suffered badly at the hands of the poor weather while the 3rds & 4ths had decent seasons playing competitively while at the same time being able to bring on several younger players.  The Sunday teams experienced a mixed year of results.
Thank you to John Birkin for again doing a great job in organising the Dinner – looking forward to a good turnout, particularly from the players – this is your evening to celebrate the successes of the season with your team mates.
The Autumn/Winter period will be very busy with the Pavilion being redeveloped. Once the extensions, roof and internal walls have been built we will be asking club members to get involved and help with the redecoration etc. Please offer a hand to help out, now is your chance to make a contribution to your Cricket Club, - don't leave it to the usual few!
Also, look out for the 'Buy a Brick' fundraising initiative for everyone connected with the club – Seniors, Juniors, VP's and non playing members - we need support from everyone! Thank you to Geoff Gooch and Graham Shaw for organising.
With regard to the Pavilion developments, those connected to Attenborough Cricket Club have worked extremely hard over the last 9 months to get the plans approved and funding in place. We are very proud to be in a position to improve the facilities on offer at The Strand, for what will be beneficial to people from the local community.
Thank you for your support this year, the Committee have lots of new ideas and plans which when instigated, will benefit the club and those that visit for many years to come.

Old Squirrels
Senior Cricket News and Views
The Views of 2nd XI Skipper Ben Sheppard.....
Well the horrendous weather finally disappeared and made way for a reasonable dry spell that enabled us to play a bit of cricket. For the 2nd XI it was like starting a new season - twice.
After five cancelled games at the start of the season we finally played our first game on 19th May and whilst the result didn’t go our way we put this down to 'rustiness' that would have cleared up in time for the next game.  Little did we know that the next game would be on 28th July, some 11 weeks and 7 rained-off games later!  By this stage we were reintroducing ourselves to our team mates with the old "long time no see…", "what have you been up to?" and "still married?" questions that engulf early season fixtures. 

It was quite an uphill battle from this point on as 5 of our total of 8 games would be against top of the league teams including 4 against the eventual winners and runners up.  Even when we finally found ourselves on top in a game with Bottesford (eventual league runners-up) - 76-7 - the rain returned to force yet another cancellation- that's 13 if anyone is counting.

Despite the bad weather and the results going against us it was great to see the team arrive for each game brimming with enthusiasm, excitement and raring to go, which as a captain is all you can ask of them.  Role on 2013, the sun and the Strand!
Attenborough CC Senior Cricket in 2012
2012 proved to be a challenging year for Attenborough due, firstly, to the expected disruption caused by the unavailability of the ground at The Strand and, secondly, to the atrocious weather conditions that befell the region throughout the summer.
The 1st XI narrowly missed out on promotion back to the top tier of the South Notts Cricket League, finishing 3rd in Division B despite winning 7 of their 12 completed matches. Top run scorer for the side was Tom Murray, whilst Martin Rayner once again took most of the bowling plaudits taking 31 wickets at an average of 12. Wickets also came from 16-year old Ben Bhabra and Chris Allcoat, who took season best figures of 7 for 23 against Kimberley.
Of all the rain affected teams, the 2nd XI in Division D suffered more than most, playing only one game by July. In all, only 7 of their matches were completed, an inconsistency which hampered any momentum the side were hoping to gain. Despite a valiant effort, the team were never able to climb out of the relegation places and thus will be playing in Division E next season.
The 3rd XI comfortably maintained their position in Division J for another year by finishing 7th with 6 wins from 11 completed games. Skipper Richard Henson was the side's main contributor with the bat (366 runs at 52), with both James Grenfell and Matt Ahluwalia claiming the highest wickets tally.
Paul Hallam's 4th XI again enjoyed a strong season, finishing 3rd in Division P with 7 wins from 11 completed matches. Father and son Carl and Josh Knight topped the batting averages, with wickets spread across the youngsters in the side including Sam Conners, Calum McKay and Andrew Smith.
The Club's 2 Sunday teams both experienced heavily rain affected seasons. The 1st team, playing league cricket in the Newark Alliance, completed only half of their scheduled fixtures, but still maintained their position in Division 2 of the league for 2013. The 2nd team, playing traditional Sunday friendly fixtures, managed only 6 games, winning 1 along the way.
With the season away from The Strand now complete, all teams and Club members (playing and non) are looking forward to getting back to the ground for the 2013 season.

Young Squirrels
News From The Youth Section...
Coaches required
The cricket club are always very keen to encourage those connected - Parents of Youth members or Senior players/members - to get involved and help out in a coaching capacity for our upcoming young players. This is a very rewarding role and is a massive help to the development of the youngsters in the club.

Our Director of Coaching, Jamie Hart is very supportive to those people wishing to attain a coaching qualification, he himself is working towards the level III award, and will offer tangible help to those who are interested, whatever their previous experience.

The club will cover the course coaching costs 'up front' - all we ask is that you complete the course and then use the qualification to help develop the next batch of Attenborough CC young cricketers. We already have several level I and level II coaches within the club, which will be added to with Carl Knight & Barrie Humphriss taking level II in the Autumn.

If anyone is interested in getting a cricket coaching qualification, funded by the club, please contact Jamie or Nick Allcoat, Club Chairman at for further details. Courses run through the Autumn - Spring period.
Youth Cricket in 2013
We are currently working on putting together a revised structure for the Management of the Youth section. We will have extra level 2 coaches involved next season which will further enhance our delivery to our young cricketers. We will also be back at The Strand for all of our outdoor coaching. Over the coming weeks look out for e mails from Barrie Humphriss and Carl Knight with regard to the new arrangements and plans for the Indoor Nets/Training - these sessions will be starting in January 2013.

It is our intention over the coming weeks to put together a 'group' of girls who are keen to develop their cricket skills throughout the Autumn and Winter. Ashwini Pai (Shachi's Mum) has agreed to co ordinate this assisted by Vikas, and can be contacted through the Club's website for those interested.

Developments in the Den
Buy a Brick
As part of our fundraising efforts in developing the new clubhouse, the Club is introducing a "Buy a Brick" scheme, offering club members an opportunity to contribute towards the clubhouse extension project and help the Club realise its community and inclusivity aspirations. Details, contacts and the application form can be found in the "newsletters" section of our website.

Grey Squirrels on the Boundary
The Thoughts of Mick Aplin....
Many of you who enjoy the facilities at the Strand at the weekends probably don't see or indeed know the dedicated group of workers and volunteers that put in all those hours to make the ground and pavilion look and feel special. So to put that right I have written a few words about each of the regular 'crew' so you might get to know them just a little bit better-
Firstly - in charge is me Mickey Aplin - I am the groundsman and buildings manager. Mainly I am hard working - always 1st to the ground in the mornings and last to leave at half ten (in the morning) – You can recognise me by my corporate clothing (Lurch Groundwork) and the smell of Fosters/grass that follows me around most days.
My second in command is Paulo Chambers - He is also dressed in corporate clothing but his doesn't fit properly. He is always late, often using the excuse that he was waiting for his wife to tie his shoelaces, and cannot start work without tea, a sausage roll and gossip about other crew members.
Keith 'the berry' Sperry is next - Keith thinks he is in charge, and in a way he is as he makes the tea every day. Keith is often seen on the green mobo mower hurtling around the field crashing into things. Thankfully they are normally only small things (like benches and double garages). Keith doesn't wear corporate clothing but does have a fantastic array of brightly coloured shirts which, he claims, act as a deterrent to gypsies.
Shelby Sperry is next - despite being a dog, Shelby is the most intelligent of the crew members and is also good at fertilising the square. Shelby’s pet hate is John Birkin, as he always insists on calling her Selby and tries to touch her inappropriately.
John Birkin is the crew wrecking machine - he can destroy anything and often does even before we have finished with it – his 'Rome wont built in a day' catchphrase is legendary and he spends most of his time either arguing with the President or p*ssing up my back.
Mickey Dandy is a legend at the Strand and little more can be said about him - unfortunately he has to stand on a crate now to reach most heights - he was 6 foot when he got married but I think she just wore him down.
Finally there is Dave Tunnicliffe - many of you would not recognise 'Security Dave' if you passed him in the street, and Dave likes to keep it that way as some nasty people are still looking for him. Dave looks like an extra from 'Machete' but despite this John Birkin reckons he couldn't 'stop a kid getting into Legoland'. Dave is an excellent worker but is reluctant to be filmed or give his real name. 

A History of Attenborough CC
Part Three
As the Club rejoined the Notts Cricket Association in 1956 another generation of the Clarke family arrived to follow grandfather, Percy, and father, Alec. They were Alec's two sons David and Gay. They played their cricket for the EMEB, but were increasingly drawn to Attenborough. David was appointed fixture secretary for a time and Gay tended the ground and grass for over forty years. Following in the Clarke tradition is Gay's youngest son Tim, who manages the pavilion bar.
The bowling attack in the 1950s and into the 60s was spearheaded by Bill Evans, who originally played for Woodthorpe, but became known as "Mr Attenborough", and Terry Caine. A young batsman, who played for some thirty years, usually opening the innings, was Mike Hammond. He reigned as Captain for many years and also acted as Treasurer from 1965 until 1993. Jack Marshall, who lived on The Strand, took over the job as Secretary between 1961 and 1967. The 1960s saw Bob Aplin, a talented pace-bowler in full flow, Bob Solloway, Dave Mantell - who played 20 odd games for Sussex in the 1950s - and Geoff Gooch, a talented batsman from Bulwell, who later led the side and is currently President. Keeping the spirits of the team up was one-armed Ron Chamberlain, described as the Social and Fixture Secretary he also acted as umpire.
In 1971 the face of Nottingham Club Cricket changed with the formation of the Stuart Foster Cricket Combination and the rival Gunn and Moore Cricket Alliance. Attenborough joined the former and in the first season had the satisfaction of finishing in third place. A year later the Club joined the Nottingham Evening League in Division Six, but quickly remedied this lowly status and rose rapidly year on year to the top division.
The 1980s was a great decade for the village Club, with its teams winning a number of trophies. In 1983 they were Champions of the Combination, after a battle for first place with Sneinton, and the following summer won the Evening League. The 1st XI at that time contained such names as Rod Kitching, Ian Murray, Andy King, Mick Evans (son of Bill), Matt Brick, and Mick and Bryan Aplin (sons of Bob). Mike Hammond still played and another Murray, Dave, who was Fixture Secretary from 1977 to 1979, also had a leading part in the success of the Club.
There was a switch to the South Notts Village League in 1987; and in 1994 the Club joined the G&M Cricket Alliance. However, a reorganisation of the league structure in the County saw Attenborough back in the South Notts Cricket League for 1999, where the 1st XI finished second, missing out on promotion to the Premier League by one point.
Two young players who developed through the increasingly efficient youth programme during the 1990s were Ron Howarth, the off spinner, and the batsman-wicketkeeper Alec McKinlay – both represented Notts 2nd XI as well as the County at various youth levels. During this period the Club had its first experience of having an overseas player in the 1st XI. Miles Maxwell flew in from South Africa in 1996 and 1999, making a significant impact with both bat and ball taking over 120 wickets and scoring over 800 runs in his two seasons.
To be continued...

Player of the Month Awards
Player of the Month Awards for August/September
1st XI: Thom Murray
2nd XI: Spike Turner
3rd XI: James Grenfell
James Grenfell 80 runs at 27 (a revelation opening batting!) and 10 wickets at 13. James ably captained the side in the skippers absence, winning both games.
4th XI: Carl Knight
For his continued consistency with the bat and overall contribution to the running of the side.
All of the above receive a £10 voucher to spend with our sponsors 'Owzat Cricket', cricket kit suppliers, together with £10 to spend on a round of drinks at our pavilion bar to celebrate. Well done to those this month's winners!

200 Club
Recent 200 Club winners:
1st (£50)  -143 – Alison Rees-Jones
2nd (£30) – 184 – Richard Jephson
3rd (£20) – 157 – Marie Henson
1st (£50) – 30 – Mike Dickinson
2nd (£30) – 114 – Charlie Young
3rd (£20) – 185 – Russell McKinlay
1st (£50)  -125 – Richard Greene
2nd (£30) – 66 – Elizabeth Tomlinson
3rd (£20) – 97 – Dave Williams
Tufty Says...

"Great to see work starting on improving the Pavilion. Attenborough Cricket Club will be providing the local community with a facility of which to be proud, for able and disabled, male and female, young and not so young, through the 'Inclusion Project'. The project has the support from key organisations in the community, together with national backing of Sport England, the England and Wales Cricket Board, and the Thomas Cook Children's Charity together with many more sources from the local business community, and other local funders/supporters
Get involved - don't forget to "Buy a Brick" (or a few Bricks) and ask family and friends to support as well. To help - contact Geoff Gooch (Club President) or Graham Shaw (Club Secretary) for more details".

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