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Friday, 10 August 2012

Squirrel News - Issue 4 - August 2012

Squirrel News - Issue 3, August 2012 
Updates, news, and views from in and around Attenborough Cricket Club

A View From The Drey
The Chairman’s Thoughts...
After the worst 1st half of the season for ‘rained off’ matches in living memory, for all cricket clubs across the county (not just Attenborough CC!) we are now in the 2nd half of the season with a renewed optimism that the situation must improve – mustn’t it?!
On the field, the 1st XI’s season really does start now. We are still well placed for a promotion push – now is the time for cool heads, and for everyone to pull together to ensure the team gets the results needed. The 2nd team has my sympathy in that at the time of writing they have only played 2 matches! – clearly other clubs are also struggling to get matches on. The 3rds & 4ths have been able to get a few more games played than the 2nds in these trying times. The Sunday teams have faced similar problems.
Off the field we have had more reason to celebrate. Work is scheduled to start on the Pavilion upgrade towards the end of September,  which respects the request of the AVGA to hold their event/use the pavilion with the Environment Agency, to mark the end of the building of the flood wall, earlier in September. Thereafter it will be full steam ahead, with an anticipated completion of the building improvements in January/February in 2013. Thank you to those who have already put much time and effort into getting us to this position from when the ideas
were first muted back in December 2011. We’ve come a long way. We now enter the next phase in converting the plans, funding gained and the benefits in kind into reality.
Geoff Gooch and I were pleased to be invited to attend the Sport England Celebration event in Leicester where we received presentation
cheques on behalf of the club. Those eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the event being shown on BBC & ITV local news that evening! There have also been some very positive articles in the local press recently outlining our successes and plans for the future. Only 4 other Sports clubs in Nottinghamshire received Sport England Funding in this round of awards, so we should all be proud of what we’ve achieved.
We had two excellent social events during the month – the Youth Presentation evening – always a good night – and a special event arranged to celebrate the fact that Geoff Gooch has now been with the club for 50 years. We could not let this landmark pass without celebrating! I’d like to thank Geoff on behalf of Attenborough Cricket Club for his generous commitment and contribution to the club in the many roles he has held during that time. Many of his values and good practices are still being witnessed today, both in the youth and adult sections. I like many, am pleased to be able to say that ‘I was one of his colts’ - back in the 1970’s!
Good luck to all the teams as we enter the last month of matches for the 2012 season.

Further ramblings from the President...
I last recounted a few light experiences from my early days with the Club. Now, halfway through this 2012 season with little cricket to talk about, I find myself writing again having just experienced a very happy surprise party recognising my 50 years of continued active service. I felt very humble, and would to take this opportunity to thank those past and present members who were able to attend (I very nearly wasn’t!!), together with a number of kind messages received, and of course not forgetting the ladies who provided a superb spread.
Well, while we’ve had little cricket, and the upheaval of playing away from The Strand, to contend with spirits within the Club have been a little low. However, the future is now looking much brighter. The plans the Committee put in place during the “downtime” for the Clubhouse Development (with Chairman Nick Allcoat working tirelessly to see the project through) were rewarded in early July with the news that Sport England had awarded lottery funding to allow most of the work to start almost immediately. We still need more money to ensure completion, and we will be relying on members to pull together with help in any way possible.
To keep up with the Club’s ambitions “on the field”, I understand it is planned to restructure the Youth Section’s coaching set-up to build on the work already in place. As he takes a well earned rest, a big vote of thanks must go to Dave Taylor for all his past efforts, especially in organising youth activities as well as much other work he has done for the Club.
Finally, let us hope for some sunshine so that all our teams can finish the season on a high note ready for a big concerted push next season, and let us all support the efforts of the Committee on our behalf to continue to make us proud to be members of Attenborough Cricket Club!
Old Squirrels
Senior Cricket News and Views
The Views of 1st XI Skipper Andy Simkiss...
Back at the start of the season I begun by saying how much of an exciting season 2012 promised to be for Attenborough Cricket Club, and in true squirrel style we have so far not disappointed!
Despite the fact that the club has only completed 21 of the 48 scheduled Saturday league games so far due to the wettest cricket season in living memory we have still managed to put together some handy performances throughout - especially the 1st team currently sitting in
2nd place in Division B.
Without there being much cricket to write about this month I feel it poignant to re iterate how thankful we are to have in my opinion the best ground in Nottinghamshire cricket and not being able to play at The Strand this year has only emphasised how lucky we are to have the facilities we do and special thanks must go to Mick and his team (or the first teams barmy army!) for the work they do in providing us with such a wonderful place to play cricket because none of us want this every week!

A Tale from the 3rd Team...
After yet another week of rain it was surprising that the 3rds game against Clifton IIIs survived at a damp (and in parts swampy) Colston Bassett ground.
A well earned 21 run win for ‘Boro included figures of 4 for 24 for bowler Sam Clulow – he mopped up most of the oppositions tail, but couldn’t manage that last wicket to claim a 5 for.  This was just to be the start of his frustrations. 
Needing to be in town for 8, Sam changed in a hurry (thieves had stolen piping to deprive him of a shower) and departed the ground.  However, the swamp of a path had deteriorated to such an extent that it now resembled the Somme.  Following instructions to keep to the left, the car slewed slightly too far left and finished with its front left wheel wedged in a ditch.  Despite the best efforts of his team mates and the opposition, who had changed back into their spikes to gain some purchase, the car would not be budged.  The four wheel drive had become a four wheel spin.  The call went out to the AA, who duly arrived, weighed up the situation, and promptly departed.  Fortunately a local farmer was found and offered to pull the car out if only Sam knew where the car’s towing point was to be found; was it an optional extra on the Audi that he couldn’t afford or couldn’t ever see the need for?
Finally, and nearer to 9 than 8, the car was released.  Handshakes all round from Sam.  Videos and pictures I feel sure will be found on the internet.  Cleaning bills, particularly from Bomber and Andy who were covered head to toe in mud, are probably already in the post.
A perfect example of typically English cricket.

Young Squirrels
News From The Youth Section...
Presentation Night
A great night was had by everyone who attended the Youth Presentation evening (pictures below), with those winning awards feeling particularly proud! Thank you to everyone who contributed on the evening, and well done to all of our young players. Watch out for further communications over the coming months regarding plans for the 2013 season. If you can help in anyway either on or off the field it would be great – you don’t necessarily need to have a great knowledge of cricket (although it can help) just a willingness to help! If you can spare some time and would like to support the club/get involved please contact Nick Allcoat at, or one of the youth coaches.
In addition to the medals being given out to the foundation group the following players received awards for Kwik Cricket and Hard Ball teams :

Year 4 Club Lady of the season 2012
Elizabeth Grantham-Woodhouse

Year 5  Club Man of the season 2012
Josh Wilson

Grey Squirrels Kwik Cricket Managers Player 2012
Seth Puddy

Red Squirrels Kwik Cricket Managers Player 2012
William Airey

Year 6 Clubman of the season 2012
Cameron Webster

Year 6 Managers Player 2012
Finlay Meakin

Year 7 Clubman of the season 2012
Billy Jones

Year 7 Managers Player 2012
Ben Black

Year 8 Clubman of the season 2012
Mark Walsh

Year 8 Managers Player 2012
Steven Gray

Under 15 Most Improved Player 2012
Max Johnston

Richard Henson Shield 2012
Tom Black
Well done to all the winners. Look out for details of the winter cricket programme and lets make 2013 an even better season!

Coaches required
The cricket club are always very keen to encourage those connected - Parents of Youth members or Senior players/members - to get involved and help out in a coaching capacity for our upcoming young players. This is a very rewarding role and is a massive help to the development of the youngsters in the club.

Our Director of Coaching, Jamie Hart is very supportive to those people wishing to attain a coaching qualification, he himself is working towards the level III award, and will offer tangible help to those who are interested, whatever their previous experience.

The club will cover the course coaching costs 'up front' - all we ask is that you complete the course and then use the qualification to help develop the next batch of Attenborough CC young cricketers. We already have several level I and level II coaches within the club, which will be added to with Carl Knight & Barrie Humphriss taking level II in the Autumn.

If anyone is interested in getting a cricket coaching qualification, funded by the club, please contact Jamie or Nick Allcoat, Club Chairman at for further details. Courses run through the Autumn - Spring period.
It is our intention over the coming weeks to put together a 'group' of girls who are keen to develop their cricket skills throughout the Autumn and Winter. Ashwini Pai (Shachi's Mum) has agreed to co ordinate this assisted by Vikas, and can be contacted through the Club's website for those interested.

Developments in the Den
Work is scheduled to start on the Pavilion upgrade towards the end of September. Building of the flood defences around the ground are now complete. Returfing of the outfield began in August (before and after shots in the "photos" section of the site.

Grey Squirrels on the Boundary
The Thoughts of Dave Williams....
I have been a member of Attenborough Cricket Club since about 1963. My first recollection of playing was one Sunday when I was sitting at home and Mike Hammond, in full whites (and full head of hair) arrived at my parent’s house and asked if “David could turn out for us”. Clearly, someone had let him down at the last minute and they were desperate.  I can’t remember who we were playing, but in those days there were no Sunday Leagues, it was all friendlys and Attenborough was regarded as a top amateur side. I think I did alright and I have been a member and a player of this Club ever since.
My current roles are as Fixture Secretary and Committee Member for legal and regulations. I am also secretary to the Attenborough Village Green Association of which my father was a founder member along with Alec Clarke, Frank Gregory and Harold Wardle. Had it not been for their efforts in purchasing the Village Green from local residents under the noses of the Trent Gravel Company then the Cricket Ground would be a lake. That is somewhat ironic given the weather this Summer and the general lake type appearance of the Ground!.
The jewel in the crown of this Club is the Junior Section. I can’t think of a better place for juniors to learn and play cricket and for their parents to come and watch. This Club has always been a Club run by its Members democratically and not a Club that is heavily influenced by a benefactor. No one person is bigger than the Club and we are lucky at this Club in having some very talented people running it.
Hopefully, the Environment Agency will put the ground back in to the same condition as it was when they started the flood defence work and we can get back to normal next year. It is exciting times for the Club with the “new” Pavilion and refurbishment of the ground. All we need now is for Banksy to come along and create some iconic images for our wall! (Only joking Nick).
Finally, I hope we get some better weather for August and September. Good luck to everybody with the rest of the season.

A History of Attenborough CC
Part 2...
After World War One, no Attenborough match scores appear in the Nottingham Guardian until 1921, but the fact that a full programme of matches wre played by the village that year would suggest that perhaps some games were staged in 1919 and 1920. Playing for Attenborough that summer were, among others, Bill Woolley, Leonard Fretingham and Alec Clarke.
Easily the most effective bowler that year was Bill Woolley, whose spin bowling – until his retirement in 1939 – is still recalled. He is remembered latterly as the potman of the Blue Bell. Leonard Frettingham who opened the batting was the husband of the lady who opened Attenborough Prep School. Alec Clarke, son of Percy, was a middle order batsman who took over as the team’s captain in the 1930s and later became the Club’s chairman when it was re-founded, before moving on to become Club President between 1964 and 1985. He is remembered by almost everyone in Attenborough and a special party was held for his 80th birthday in the cricket pavilion in 1980.
By 1937, Attenborough CC was still buoyant, with Clarke and Woolley seemingly the sole survivors of the immediate post-war team. The Club began the 1940 season, but with the onset of the Second World War, it became inpossible to field a side and cricket ended.
It was not until 1955 that a campaign led by Frank Gregory, who was later to become President of the County Club, and Percy Clarke, the old skipper, persuaded enough people – including Ken  Royston (the new Secretary), Eric Barnett, Geoff Vickers, Terry Caine, Stan Bramley, Bill Evans and Canon Warburton – to come forward and restart the Club.
The local council’s recreation ground on Long Lane, opposite the gravel company offices, became Attenborough’s home whilst the old ground was renovated and money gathered to buy the ground and build a pavilion. The gravel company and local residents were generous in their donations to the funds, allowing the ground to be acquired in 1956-7 under the control of the newly founded Attenborough Village Green Association.
Part 3 next month.
Player of the Month Awards
Due to the lack of matches during July there are no Player of the Month awards, more next month!

200 Club
Subscriptions for the membership into the 2012 200 Club are now overdue. If you would like to renew your membership, or would like to join for the 200 Club for the first time, please see a committee member for more details. Membership for 2012 remains at £20.
Recent 200 Club winners:
1st (£50)  -12 Carol Kitching
2nd (£30) – 84 Colin Maber
3rd (£20) – 111 Kal Shadam
1st (£50) – 67 Stuart Carlisle
2nd (£30) – 50 Russell McKinlay
3rd (£20) – 139 Keith Sperry
1st (£50)  -154 Denise Weir
2nd (£30) – 39 Nick Clarke
3rd (£20) – 70 Luke Brierly

Tufty Says...
" Congratulations to Geoff Gooch, our Club President, in giving 50 years of continuous service to Attenborough Cricket Club - thank you from everyone connected with the club, past and present for your commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and generosity during that time"

If you have anything that you would like to include in future newsletters, which is read by players, non-players, VPs and the local community, please contact Nick Allcoat or Neil Francis. We could do with some pictures of 3rd & 4th team and Sunday team action for the next issue - those connected to those teams feel free to send some in!

If you have any ideas relating to progressing life at Attenborough Cricket Club, or would like to get involved/help in some capacity, such as playing, coaching, administration, planning, catering, website or simply wanting to be a part of developing the Cricket Club, please contact one of the Club's Committee members. The club aims to promote inclusivity. More information about Attenborough Cricket Club can be found at

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